Winners earn back all tribute.

The seventh had flight day 2 flights in the offing. The 1st one-day out (Gien was Melun i.v.m. weather) and a sprint race from Niergnies.

The first one day would be gone from Gien but were carried i.v.m bad weather decided to drive back to Sense. In Sense the weather though not much more was considered to move to Nanteuil Le Hadouin uiteidelijk Melun but turned out to be the best losplaat. Instead of 530 Km was 424 Km which given the unstable weather conditions in distance was far enough. Variable from east to north- east wind, the birds are there to 13.00 unloaded hours. With the wind you come to a speed between 65 in 70 km per hour which meant that the first birds between us 18.15 hours 18.30 could fall. And that happened , only it was not in my loft. My first bird was a yearling to 20.02.58 the valve 2nd debuted at 20.21 and the 3rd and 4th, respectively, 20.27 in 20.35 . In itself a reasonable would say so but not really if you know that the 1st pigeon in our association 19.29.42 was clocked. The association result I was 2nd / 4th / 5e en 6e. There is progress though. I had the 8 pigeons evening to 21.38 say and write 5 home, and sat there on Sunday morning 2 in the trap. I miss the real early bird to make a good result, I keep wondering what it is. Is it the quality , shape , of hok. The fact is that I can not top pigeon clocks so far. Last week I got the pigeons sometime lapped at ± 50 km, I feel that's wrong. Because I book every week what progress. Next week keep the pigeons who've been to Melun home, a week of rest they will do well, I hope. So with regard to the one-day to about 2 weeks. Everybody good luck with preparations. And we hope for the best again, a whole lot !!!!!!!!!

The Vitesse flight was gone from Niergnies (a beautiful name) ± 265 km on this flight that I had 1 dove with a boy late last year that still has some old pens and the first pen again thrust. This pigeon is that he has to maximize Km him next year so I can play as full cock. On this flight that I played no role, The pigeons were released to 10.55 of 1 e dove into the club was clocked at 14.35 and was also the 1st dove a good performance in the circle. If 14.55 fell yearling cock in me valve. He looked fresh and had not been flying out of a lot of sense in his hen. The association pigeon fell just outside the prizes so tie a pity he did his best again. The next week we have the last Vitesse flight when the weather is fair and the dove good condition I want to play it again. I also want to see next week if I can play some hens. These hens I want to play on the late tour , I've got them 2 x on 50 km facing away. So if the weather is good I want to play on the last sprint race from St Quentin. the necessary preparations even here we have it again but I find it a shame to let the hens at home when the cocks are also home. But here the pigeons applies should be in good shape and the weather should not be too heavy. Everybody good luck with the preparations and here we have a lot of mountain weather, a mountain of hope!!!!

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