Sixth WEDVLUCHT 21-05-2016

Congratulations to the winners

The sixth flight also was the 2nd middle distance race gone from Soissons. The weather was good south to zzw a nice flight 330 km. Of course the big question was how to stand again before the pigeons, Well I will say quite honestly that performance again give a little bit of courage. But it is not really to write home about. Last week I changed nothing in the loft, forage, nor cured. What I've done, I've patched the pigeons sometime I have them on Wednesday ± 50 km taken away. They were good 40 home minus all the hens were waiting, So they had a snack I will say. I think myself that it helped a bit I 6 yearlings and 3 perennial cocks and occasional patches can sometimes bear fruit. Especially considering the 1st one-day (genes) who next week is going to come because they can sometimes benefit from having, I want 8 of the 9 cocks to play if the weather permits . Anyway the flight let's agree on that my first pigeon was a yearling at 12.15.54 2nd on the valve 12.19 the third at 12.20 No. 4 on 12.25 No. 5 in 6 were respectively 12.31 in 12.34 on the valve, the other 3 came after the hour in. All home though but I just miss the real nice early bird. The first pigeon in the association was clocked at 11.56 and was also the 1st pigeon from the circuit and the department. My pigeon was 14th in the association and had total 3 awards, in the circle my 1st pigeon was 91st we are on the first page we say !!!!!!!. Next week, double flight 1st one-day (genes) in 5th vitessevlucht (Niergnies). As I wrote, I would 8 playing cocks, I still have 1 Young late last year that still has old pens that I do not put too great a distance, so maybe this pigeon as the weather is quite a sprint vluchtje. So we have another week to the little pigeons prepared to be at the start, or I'm lapping depends on whether I can take the time. And then I can not do much more, I keep hoping, of course, and I hope you stay tuned to keep you will see that it is rewarded once and then victory will be sweet. The victory is getting closer, I hope closer than I do now. Good luck again for aankomede flight(in).

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