The young bird races are almost halfway. And most fans, the young pigeons even less if half!!!!!!. Throughout youngsters stake again in the sign of disaster flights while the losses associated. How is it possible that blazes with any drilling or flight mass stay away youngsters. In recent years, several well-meaning theories have been reviewed. G flights, powders, pills, drilling plans, voerschema’s. So far, all this led to nothing, it seems to be getting worse every year. There will soon have other can sometimes be late "flight for the future in 2021.". Because I could not find anything in their new outlook losing counteract the youngsters. Then what?????. That is a difficult question. There maybe a thousand times over written. But I'm going to just try to write my vision. I think the important thing is to move the young bird races further back in season. This is already happening on a large scale for many fans to play their youngsters on the late tour. And it shows that the losses are much lower. The reason there are fewer losses on the late tour are located in my opinion the fact. That the pigeons have more time to mature, given more time to overcome the youngsters diseases and stress for their repair. please note!! Between the first training of the young bird races and the first training of the late tour is a whopping 7 weeks. Add your own pigeon watching in season. To make 7 weeks a lot of difference in maturity and experience of a youngster. Thus, the pigeons also more resistant to the influences where they are exposed to daily. So have overcome the youngsters diseases. They fly and train in the air polluted by radiation and can better resist. Especially as their sense of direction and strength is developed. Well I hear many fanciers "earlier we do not suffer from" When we flew Orleans almost bald birds and everything was home. Or we started 20 youngsters and after the last race we had there 19 over. Jaha that is true, but that was earlier and earlier is history. We are dealing with the current situation. And fair to say that the time compared to the past have changed. As I wrote earlier, the radiation in the atmosphere for the mobile telephony and other purposes. The pollution of the air itself, particulate matter, and the like. In my view, it is therefore preferable to the first young bird races to evaporate in mid-August. Again not all pollution from the air, but the pigeons are more mature and have more experience. Many enthusiasts begin the most beautiful game of the sport 'flights youngsters "but forced after a few weeks many fans to stop and deal with the youngsters that they still have to natour. But what is more beautiful than the young bird races. Try your own culture results and see if the links that you did succeed. And of course the addition of loft for next season. If there are many losses than his foreign youngsters a logical consequence of your loft. This year so far landed a whopping 14 foreign youngsters in my loft.. Of all these pigeons I looked up the phone and dialed the respective fans. And except for any lover, it was doom and gloom regarding the losses among the youngsters. All these lovers I presented the story above, and without exception they were all agreed to shift flights youngsters to August. Mind you I'm not saying that we do not lose more youngsters, that would be too optimistic. But I am convinced that the losses will be much less. In our club, they are certainly a good proposal. Only they think the person who can do something, just continue the old way and can not be bothered by. That would really be unheard naive not to take seriously a lot of flying members. THERE OR PLAY OTHER INTERESTS???????. "No one is above the sport and is more important than the sport" we will this really have to do all together. I hope there is actually something going to change that next season we will have a beautiful young pigeons competition. "If you look only to the future, you will see much overlooked in the present "Where do I want them to say so much 2021 yet is far away and that there must now be acted on the current situation. I will say again the next time.


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