I want to congratulate all the winners and especially very affectionate with their great performance.

1 daily from Chat Roux 9 July

It's a little weird to congratulate all winners because this sign is also the winners and understood the 1 day flight from bygone Chat Roux. In the association I had on the 1st 15.04.27 2nd on 15.04.53 3rd pigeon 15.10.50 and the 4th pigeon 15.36.23 . A great achievement that I had hoped as a whole while at. As I have every time in my pieces hoping pronouncing a good flight it was sometime in. In the circle my ranking 24th 25th and 38th 103 my 2nd nominated pigeon was my 2nd prize pigeon (868 a yearling) it flies each flight awards and stood up to this race as 9th ace on the 1 day in the circle. As you can make out I'm a proud lover, 2 yearlings in front of at ± 640 km with a difference 26 second. Here we do this again gives the citizen courage. You better drop the pants than the courage she my mother always. The pigeons were liberated at 7.00 hours from Roux Chat with good weather throughout the flight line, The weather was beautiful for the pigeons and the fancier the wind was bl to WSW so there could be quite flew ahead had me doves mate Tonnie and I previously had expected a rate of around 80 km which also came out nice in my case. Tonnie had no pigeons themselves along on these flights, So he was all day invited me to wait for the pigeons, and philosophize about the sport and everything around it always cozy. Now back to the news, the first pigeon in the loop was clocked at 14.33 a wonderful time which also resulted in a teletext listing. The 2nd pigeon was clocked at the circle 14.53 So the clock times of my pigeons were not so crazy. In addition, were added at the first 25 pigeons of the circuit but 10 yearlings. Also an added bonus was that all birds on the flight day were back at the loft 17.20 was the last on the valve. Have come back to my first dove 695 a beautiful bird to see, but also a pretty good pilot. From some kites I have grown this year youngsters, so I got out of the 695 a youngster bred the 794 the other egg is not hatched. (Read more at the youngsters flight. I'm going to express the hope that I at last 1 days are going great do it again. I wish everyone good luck for the next flight and I help you accumulate a nice little success and you know if you keep hope always get rewarded sometime. Until next week, I'll say.

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