One day Issoudun 24 July 16

I'm a little bit late to write the flight report from the previous week. This is partly due to that it is very busy at the moment on the case and also the disappointment of flights last weekend was very big, so the sentence was not much there to write. I'm writing while I'm waiting for the release message this weekend. Let me start with the es-day, Last week it was the last-day flight 2016 Issoudun was scheduled flight of ± 620 km. I had it much, but in my mind again played I'm wrong every last-day flight. Well, and this year the weather was not but I was the last flight yet 1-2-3-4 in the club now, I was not at all in, I was so complete again next. My conclusion is that I did not make good choices and I hink too much on 2 thoughts. 1 I want to play the Sprint and Middle Distance and performance and 2 I would also like to play the middle distance and performance. I will have to make a clear choice which flights get priority so I doves until the last flight may well leave the starting line. So if I choose the middle distance, I can connect later , I can handle it right feeding system and I will have to see the Vitesse as training races to get the pigeons solid slowly forme. As I write this, the choice as well as created , it will only be cast in a good shape. Now tergug smoothness to the flight that was gone from Issoudun pigeons on Sunday (flight was delayed) if 07.30 unloaded at a not too strong WSW wind. With this distance and these winds can around half 4 doves fall. This was the case not only with me in the loft. The first dove into the circle was there something half 4. I first dove sat there 16.43 more so as 2 hours later !!!!!!!. The fun was a moment for me from. The only advantage I saw that within 15 me 4 of the 6 pigeons home 5th were sitting there 17.15. and the 6th has not yet returned. Last week, I am therefore all sit down and ask pass the reveu. I have therefore decided to focus the arrows next year on the long flights and that the pigeons prepare for. It's a challenge you (hoop) and provides challenge. Anyway the 868 a yearling is still 5th ace on the one day become the circle, so I can elaborate also I have a yearling the 695 which in my humble opinion pigeons also potential occupants. and I'm still young sitting late last year I only anticipate this year. So total for next year 3 pigeons remain at least for the one-day flights. The supplement will have to come from the young of the year. I go there again the best I wish everyone a hope best flight far this week and the next week again.

Youngsters Asse-Zellik 24 July 16

This flight was the 2nd consecutive flight where pigeons were released I had from Asse-Zellik 1st flight a disappointing flight, this time it was not much else the pigeons are released to 12.00 pm on Sunday .(Also this flight was postponed) with a wind WSW . I had 15 pigeons one less as the previous flight. I did not really know what to think of it, the birds looked well trained reasonably well(There are pigeons linked and that did not really make much sense to train) But otherwise no complaints about how they sit there in. So you hope again an early bird and they come down a bit easy because I think after a few flights as important. The last case was not the first I clocked the first pigeon 14.00.52 2nd on 14.07 and who was in the club no longer in the prices. in the association has been detected on the 1st dove 13.48.48 a top performance, and also 1st Circuit. last price pigeon was clocked at 14.03.23 therefore 15 min clock close. In the circle of our association was 1 t/m 7 So as a society we do well(also beautiful). But there may be still some improvement to myself. Have this week made a disinfection cure on Monday and Tuesday. I felt that it sometimes could also be the cause. The pigeons still had had enough stress the 1st time 2 nights basket, and whether they have had enough in the container because that sometimes can cause a. On the other hand, everyone stands to suffer from so it's looking a bit. Anyway now continue with the get home gradient (The race was already closed so remains for me only that they are well versed). with 30 min I 13 of the 15 pigeons home that's good name. The next day was no 14 again on the valve. No. 15 I have not seen so far. So am again full of courage and hope to the preparations began for the next flight Quievrain(Menen i.v.m has fallen again and again moved to Sunday). have got 14 pigeons on this race and hope for a good result and a very early pigeon (whom I would not think so). Furthermore, this week for the first training I natour 10 late youngsters and 6 wounded and or late come home late boy, and further 17 hens. I wish everyone a good flight and hope everything returns home the next week I will again say.

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