Of course congratulated all the winners wholeheartedly with their victory.

Middle distance Flight Nanteuil la Hadouin.

For me it was after all the euphoria of last week's slightly disappointing flights dare I say with confidence that it was disappointing. The middle distance race for me personally not the biggest stumbling block I play there every middle distance race late Young 2015 with the objective that he gains experience and comes home. And every week he returned home, This morning he was back fresh and fruity on the valve. So the goal is reached. He still 2 old pens and again from the start moulting. So this was his last race this year and he can pretty uitruien so he can appear well at the start of next year.

Youngsters flight Asse-Zellik

The youngsters flight from Asse-Zellik where I had imagined many. After reasonable success of last week I was this week keen to see a good result. The pigeons trained well at home except couples who were formed and have little desire to go out. Therefore I decided to include the youngsters 10 Young late on Wednesday to fly a africhtingings vluchtje, also I have brought this to the widowers because 2 weeks are played on one day and I therefore they still want to keep a bit level. I unloaded the pigeons Wednesday to Ravenstein 6.55 hours the first pigeons were clocked at 7.16 pm and 7.22 were he 30 of the 35 home again. So the training gave civil courage again, I decided the pigeons one day after the flight home did not play at Asse -Zellik sure we saw this flight 2 Saturdays fly tandem, A total of 16 pieces with, the pigeons are released to 15.15 from Asse-Zellik, in this still a compliment to the lossings committee acted properly. I expected somewhere around there 17.00 pigeons had been. My calculation of the time knocked adult alone these pigeons were not with me at the loft. If 17.02 the 1st pigeon was clocked in the association, when I noticed the 1st and 2nd pigeon 17.15 on the clock I did forfeit some time but it also belongs to the youngsters game. At that time I knew no time but I feel I was too late what later proved. What disappointed me was the fact that there was so much time between the return of the young pigeons 18.02 had I 8 of the 16 pigeons home, with this clock I went to the club to explain him and what I feared was also true. I turned too late, I had 1 dove into the association in prices penultimate, so the disappointment was really big. After such a flight you ask yourself where it may have to set. Tuesday I had even put a block of cold ice smoke, would be able to have you ask yourself ?. done nothing else crazy, I thought the same preparation as the previous week!! perhaps carried a little more and fatter, that would be another thing. But know you do not do so we go to prepare for the upcoming week. I 15 of the 16 pigeons back 2 of 3 I'm not going to play because they were late home and because next week the same flight. and so quiet about a week could save. next week we have again 2 flights Asse – Zellik for the youngsters and 1 day from Issoudun. I have for the last 1 day flight very much hope to see make a wonderful result and am convinced that that is certainly a possibility. So I'm going to wish everyone good luck with the preparations for the flights, and the next week but again I will say.

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