FLEE 13 AUGUSTUS 2016 Youngsters flight Nanteuil la Houdin and 1 Natourvlucht Duffel.

Nanteuil Le Houdin

In this weird week where you and was being torn completely silent through all kinds of emotions and the clock , you come to realize that life goes on. And again you are aware yourself how beautiful life is all around. It was obviously different with basketing as usual but it was a nice relaxing atmosphere.

The unloaded 7th youngsters flight from to 09.30 from Nateuil le Houdin (a beautiful name for unloading) The pigeons were released with the WSW wind. The pigeons had a small 377 km ahead . After last week I balance the 13 pigeons 10 I returned and which I 2 hope for the late races still to play. Total I 7 pigeons basketed and 1 hen left at home who had to explain. . To be honest the disappointment of last week had not. I went just start over , The pigeons train reasonable, there are several birds that are linked to what the training work does not benefit. But after all these losses, I chose the birds that are just about to play as relaxed as possible with the hope of keeping the largest possible, but they made their mileage so they can be at the start with plenty of flying experience next year. It is also good to have some more pigeons so you can select better. Anyway the flight there was about. The first pigeon in the club's play 14.00 on the valve ,but it was again not with me . My first pigeon landed on 14.14.22 in his loft on the 2nd 14.22.34 At that time, you already know that there is too much time between the 1st and 2nd pigeon to join fun . However, my birds were, respectively, 6th and 11th and the association and 38th and 79th in the circle, you sit there, shall we say. The clock on this flight 23 min left open which means that the course was just too good call. This flight, all 7 pigeons back. Next week there is no young birds race and we play with us just a natourvlucht. I wish everybody a great week we 2 weeks to prepare them for the last young bird race or you can play them on the late tour to keep them in rhythm. I do not know what wisdom is but I hope the week to get more visibility. Until next week, I'll say.

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