FLEE 03 September 2016 Young birds race Melun ± 424 KM and Natourvlucht Menen / Moeskroen ± 227 km (was Quievrain) .


The flight was late tour last week gone from Menen / Moeskroen, it was Quievrain but they had decided by the meteorological conditions expected to solve some westerly. The pigeons were liberated at 11.45 with a wind WSW. I had this race decided only to play the late youngsters and wounded youngsters. I had total 14 , and the challenge is of course always knowing that these flights be played many old. I'm always wondering what is the difference (besides entering the right then) the association was the first pigeon 14.06.59 and was an old pigeon next 6 pigeons were all old birds. NR 9 was the first youngster and No. 10 was the 2nd youngster and it fell to me to cover 14.13.57. I had 14 , and 2 in prices both in the union and in the circle, so that's what meager. But who's counting are warned. We can go prepare for the last race of the natourvlucht which will be gone from St.Quentin ± 294 km. As it looks for now I want all youngsters once again play a nice vluchtje as barrier, And then we start preparing for the moulting and breeding and selection. And that is one of the main, select if you still can at least , if you still have plenty of material to choose. The last few years have given many problems large losses to select good. Often, all you youngsters who are used to supplement, otherwise the loft is very empty. So it's not all quality what to leave, as we all know. Which again has an impact on the new season where we fly with yearlings and on these flights also take greater are the losses. So it goes in the wrong length or width. but what is wisdom in this, I think if we change nothing with the youngsters, we will continue with these problems to walk. I will not further elaborate on which I have in the previous letter (MELUN) already done. I'm all good luck again wish to prepare for the last race. And I say again until next week . And I hope a lot .

I want to honor everyone and give tribute to the victorious.


Melun was the last young bird race of the season. We as an association are not enough members to national in baskets, so we had to move to a sister association. So we did not have enough members to baskets nationally in. You should 7 Members baskets to nationally within your own club. This legislation is dated to me, given the high number of declining membership which we face in the sport have. I feel it all rules of the time that each association 25 members or sometimes had more and it was no problem 7 people get together. My question is: we must choose to adapt the regulatory e.g.. from national basketing 5 membership. Or should stand firm held and stick to the good old regulation based on 3 times as many members. In my experience it is so, if we keep it that way as it is now, the future of the sport that we more and more and more with several associations have hives to the minimum number of members (7) to be allowed national basketing. An often heard is that members will cost. I think given the average age of the fancier, the members always going to cost whatever we decide. Only I think if we hang in the old remain, and do not want to renew will still lose more members and no new members. Therefore, I am in favor of renewing the sport and update the standards of the times. B.v. let along the racing season run with the school in the regions so that it does not come at the expense of family vacations. Associations can work more together and on tour around pigeon deliver this can save costs. The rings for the youngsters spend in March and the youngsters league play with only rings the NPO of the year, This promotes fair play and I think the losses of young birds will be less, whatever works again cost saving. Delete the General championships and just one championship per component, calculated, for example, about 4 of the 8 designated flights , In addition, the fan may continue 1 Add flight itself. In addition, there would again be a group system brought to life so there again preisjes what could be earned. Overall I think the sport should be made more family-friendly and attractive, and must remain affordable especially for the average enthusiast, so that it is attractive to weather (of ) starting with the pigeon. NOTE These are some reflections of myself and there will undoubtedly be many more and better ideas to change the sport in a positive way. Now back to the flight. The pigeons are to 9.00 unloaded from Melun with an ONO wind later in Belgium and the Netherlands rolling to WSW. I had expected the pigeons around 14.00 and was reasonably close . The first pigeon in our association's play 14.15.04 on the valve. and was 11 in the loop. My first pigeon fell 14.24.06 on the flap and was 4th in the union and 28 in the circuit a fair result, I find myself 6 pigeons and 2 awards, my 2nd pigeon fell 14.33 .25 and was 76 in the loop. So all in all I can be satisfied. Next week, the last flight on the late tour if the weather is reasonable, I would like to play all youngsters. I wish everyone a lot of success with the preparations for the last race and I hope you hope for a good result. Until next week again.

There were again several winners this week, Congratulations to all.

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