This week should the flight be gone originally from Quievrain but was chosen by the bad weather on Saturday and lesser prospects on Sunday to move the flight to Menen / Moeskroen which is much further west and gave a better freak to resolve Sunday. In itself a good choice doves were released Sunday morning 10.15 hours with a wind WSW. I had 14 pigeons again 1 within the week before, it is still annoying every week there remain behind again pigeons. But it is nothing you hear from many enthusiasts, whether it's something this time, I do not know. If I have to believe it was started earlier with the older fans 20 jduiven the youngsters flights, The last flight was youngsters Orleans there were still 20 pigeons basketed totally moulted yet 2 old pens and lucky there was a tail feather in, it was 30 degree sun high in the sky NE wind power 6 and yet all the birds came back, according to the old wise men came because there was much stricter and better selected and thus only bred from the best pigeons. A corollary was therefore that only the best and / or strongest remained according to the tradition and history of the sport. That many losses in the current pigeon sport are (especially among the youngsters we can not deny, but where it is?. A lot of (scholars and point) have already considered and ruled on this issue, but a real clear conclusion has not yet been released to date. I do not have the arrogance to think that I know it, but I have an opinion about it. Maybe I'm headed now on thin ice if I put my mind to write here, but remember that it is just and opinion. I think that in recent years anti-nature and changes in the atmosphere help to ensure that there are many large and sometimes pigeons lose. Consider dimming, if not eclipsed you like to participate but at the last races you losing the darkened boy. Firstly, because the darkened boy born in December. If the young bird races start these pigeons already coupled and are usually the hens on eggs or they played on widowhood. And at the end of the day it darkened youngsters are still smartly dressed, perhaps here and there thrown a pin. A stark contrast to the non darkened youngsters who last flights only be played in dry weather and a tough stormy sw wind so they are blown home because there is almost no more covert ride-and she still 2 are old pens. In addition, the drug use as the last few years, which is more restricted.!!! Today we need a veterinarian's where we get an official consultation and then drugs can be provided if required. In itself a good thing, I think, because previously it was different as the old wise men. Years back when all drugs were freely available in the market, we could play ourselves for doctors and nurses and the one that best controlled or supervised bit was the king of the sport. It's not just this time there will be always sought to perform better that in all sports so and will remain so (see the Russian athletes). But it would be the sport benefit well that there would be more clarity about drug use. And to make it more fair play is going to be where all are fans of large to small interest in and we can contribute in this way to reduce losses and fair play with the youngsters. That would be a good start, I think so. Furthermore, I think would be issued if the rings for the youngsters until mid-March you raising embezzling a long way , In addition, a competition where youngsters can only be played with youngsters with a ring of the NPO, a Dutch ring thus of respective year. I realize that it will be a big change and that it does not favor the commercial interests (because they are unfortunately too big! way too big!!! I think). We will see it all what is going to happen but something must be done is clear why we can continue to perform long this beautiful sport. Again smoothing return to flight, I'd almost forgotten the pigeons were then released to 10.15uur the WSW wind would round 13.00 birds must be. And indeed, the first pigeon in our association was clocked at 12.57.00 2nd on 12.57.06 both at the same lovers of pigeons were 1st and 2nd in the circle a beautiful performance of pigeon fancier. I clocked my first pigeon 13.05.29 and was the 15th pigeon in the association and 29e in the circuit . sat in the circle of our association is there 7 pigeons by the first 10 I want to show that we have a strong association. Within 15 min I 7 of the 14 pigeons home reasonably. the turn to 17.00 there were 10 the clock, what I myself will fall against what. round 18.00 are there still 2 added , with this number I have the flight day also disappointing closed. It will still not very rafts remain true early birds out so it continues to struggle a bit. Something has to happen do not feel that it is much, is to think of what adjustments (enhancements to the loft) but that is something for after the racing season. I got back a few days to get the pigeons match fitness and then I just hope for the best, and as I often wrote hope springs eternal and sometimes gives the nicest surprises. Until next week again and good luck with the upcoming flight(in).

All winners were the deserved winners and I want to take this therefore warmly congratulate their pigeons and their performance.

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