FLIGHT 27 AUGUSTUS 2016 natour Quievrain. Youngsters Melun flight canceled and moved to next week.

We did this last week 2 flights natour was gone from Quievrain ± 225 km . National youngsters flight was canceled due to the weather conditions expected from Melun and moved to next week. So this week but 1 flight due to the heat, the pigeons were liberated at 07.30 a Tsolution I feel like saying. It would be hot so early release if possible is a great solution . Often talked about inversion and large losses will be there too with associated. But what finally inversion : Since cold air has a higher density, it tends to fall while warm air tends to rise. If cold air is heated to the ground, this again increases up and cools down again at a greater height. In some situations it gets colder, heavier air the opportunity to warm up and stuck at a lower altitude. This is a brief description of what inversion content. N to return to the flight I had chosen to play only the yearling hens and perennial total 17 pieces. I doubted whether I would play so why Thursday finally made the decision the boy. In retrospect, the flight went perfectly so they could do it safely. My father would say, “afterwards you can look a cow in the ass”. For me it was especially important that the hens would come home, I had no great expectations ( you always hope, though of course). The first pigeon in the association was clocked at 10.45 .41 and the 2nd was a good performance in the circle again for our club. My first pigeon fell 11.19 on the valve, at that moment I knew long and wide that there was little to gain in this race. I had a good hour 15 pigeons home , so that was really the only. So next week 2 flights last young bird race of the season. and the late tour flight back again from Quievrain. I wish everyone good luck with the preparations for the upcoming flight, and I hope for a big surprise , would sometime may still. Until next week, but again, I hope a top result.

I start as every week by congratulating the winners.

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