FLIGHT 10 September 2016 Natourvlucht LAON ± 298 km

The last winners of this season congratulations and also congratulated all the championships won.

The last flight was late races gone from Laon , The weather forecast was good so all for components were there so it would be a nice final flight. I had chosen all youngsters have to play again (minus 2 wounded) so in total 19 youngsters and I had 5 hens that I wanted to play again. The pigeons were liberated at 09.40 with SSW wind later turning to SW. With a little charge you come around 3 hours away. And so it was the first pigeon in our association fell valve 12.37.24 and this lover did have the shortest distance (was ± 7 km with me) This pigeon was also 1st dove into the circle so again a good performance in our association. My first pigeon I clocked up 12.45.48 it was a pigeon 2016 and 3rd pigeon association. At the time I clocked the pigeon I had not really the best would be a pretty tough race 2nd / and 3rd pigeon I clocked up 12.50 and the 4th pigeon 12.51. these were, respectively, 8th 9th and 10th in the association. If 13.33 had I 13 are birds in the clock. Then began the long wait 15.33 there were still 3 pigeons . And there it remained for the flight day 16 pieces of 24. And then we hope to hope again the next day because the stragglers usually come well after, but the sun was too long to wait and hope. The final balance after the sun is still 3 fulfilled so should still 4 boy and 1 yearling hen. Referring again to my first pigeon had won a 6th ranking in the circle , my 2nd pigeon was a yearling hen and (coincidence ) wants both these birds of the same lover coming n.l. Gerard Bovenkamp from Doetinchem. And having said that, I would still come back ff fleeing, it was not easy especially since flight rose quickly in the afternoon the mercury making it to the youngsters that have passed it is not an easy job to quickly find their way to the loft. Nevertheless, I expect there are still a few back , especially since they had all flights and have enough experience to find the way back. Yes and now!!! The racing season is over, The coming weeks are very important again and we will select the pigeons moult an important moment , it is a difficult period for the birds and moulting they need to be able to do in peace so they have another good plumage next year to properly participate in the races. It is important that they get the proper nutrition so that they again have the right building blocks and can give to the offspring. I'm everyone good luck wish aankomede (rui) period. and preparations for breeding. I will try to describe my weekly experiences on the site. Until next week, I say again.

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