Let me come straight to the point home that the pet this week but also really hard hat and. I wrote in my last flight report losses, Well this week I do it so it stands out shows there are a lot of them. I 13 youngsters basketed on this race and was on the flight day turn the clock there all told the paltry number of 5 home. The pigeons were liberated at 11.00 hours from Laon with a WSW wind, and had a good departure was a bit hit again on the fly line with the odd shower. That's no easy flight will be logical . But this is really beyond my pet . I have now 7 birds back from the 13 Almost half is yet to come, I could not see anything wrong with them reasonably trained and looked healthy. So where is it now I do not know. As I write this short report I'm still a few pigeons of the training for the late tour, this vluchtje them I 32 pigeons which 10 late boy 5 early boy (were hurt or too late) in 17 hens. This vluchtje I have now 31 home still needs 1 hen. What I finally want to say is that these pigeons in the same loft are given the same food and the same care here I want to indicate that the birds just are healthy. And I understand nothing of it until now stay away from the boy's flight Saturday J. L. . Anyway back to the flight Laon I expected the pigeons around half 3 and so it was in my loft was the first pigeon in the association 14.13 and was the 3rd pigeon in the circle. My first pigeon flew 14.21 around when you know that there 14.13 all pigeons are it is annoying that this pigeon a few minutes together with a dove flying and was very jumpy continues to land. I clocked the pigeon respectively 14.26.01 in 14.27.12 the third pigeon on 14.32 was also leveling fly. To my surprise these birds were 8th and 9th and 12th in the association and 47th 52nd and 79th in the circle where I would say that's a rare and serious or flight has been. The clock has 40 more loosely been some very long at our club. Next week, as it now from shows I can still 6 Young pigeons do the youngsters flights and 16 on the late tour will be scared and trembling and hope that I love about enough to fill for next season. I'm licking my wounds and pigeons prepare for the next flight. I wish everyone a lot of success and we must again hope for a good flight because if you are not running on time but annoying that every flight pigeons stay away is much worse. Until next week again.

All winners of this wek I hereby congratulate their glorious victory.

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