I'm always glad we had the last flight , capturing the pigeon, the lugging baskets , the pigeons get to train and also lapping. No for me is the end of the racing season a welcome change in the sport. What I first weeks have been wrong on Flight tension waiting for the information lossings, check weather forecasts, calculate the estimated time of arrival and of course the return of the pigeons. Instead, a beautiful time breaks again, selecting your pigeons. Of all the pigeons pilots to growers is examined, to reappear right at the start of next year. It is also a known phenomenon that needs to be tinkered again to the house each year. Whether it's painting, there is always something to be improved. This is especially so with the fans who have less performance. It needs to be something !!!!! and that is as it lies somewhere. The idea that it must be somewhere to be mostly already identified during the racing season and has been widely discussed in the club and we look generally to those hardest hits. For the champion in the club n.l. best loft, the best pigeons, the best medicine, most of the time, Most financial resources, he is overly driven. These are just some of the superlatives that are being said about the champions, whether they are justified or not is often considered against it. Most champions are every year at the top (one exception) . What have these champions, is that they all have knowledge of pigeons and pigeon racing. They master the art to distinguish a good pigeon a beautiful dove, In addition, they have at a glance the holes when the pigeons fail and can act more quickly. It is often a matter of a lot of time , and this also use effective. When asked if a pigeon is good ? seem to me hundreds of possible answers, but the fact remains that it is the good climate. The pigeons have fun on the loft there must be a healthy rivalry, so far will be fine for most fans. But the climate in the loft e.g.. the loft is in the right place , it is not too moist , there is draft in the loft, you have a pretty constant temperature in your loft, you have the topforme early or late or not at all. I asked several fans what a good loft, there was one in which told me. You need to move into a dove, he asked me: are you like in the tour , or in a humid climate, and then very hot and then very cold, or in a very dusty dirty cages (and I mean very dirty not a little shit or something) If you have a good climate in your loft is a bit shit and dust in your loft is not very, the shit is dry and the fabric is well drained. Do not have a good climate in your loft then the shit stays moist and does stink, The dust sticks and that also affects the pigeons. So a good loft is very important , and if you are also a few good pigeons have it all be a lot more fun. So there is a challenge to ensure that I will meet all of the above so I next year the pigeons can fly the admirably. Next time more about this matter. the next week I say again.

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