Fifth WEDVLUCHT 14-05-2016

Tribute to the winners

The fifth flight was also the 1st middle distance race and was originally gone from Morlincourt but because the weather forecast was not favorable, it was decided to go to Laon. And as far as I can judge right choice, Flight is what I have understood well run off with a little rain and the road north and later northwesterly, Sjapo for unloading committee then may also be said. You notice it if I'm to the bush around the turn. So it was another flight which I played no role in. The first pigeon in the club fell to 13.04 and was also the 1st pigeon in the association and in the circle and also 2nd pigeon in dept wonderful performance. Since these enthusiasts as the crow flies 100 live away from me is a hard laughter as my 1st pigeon 13.33 the valve perches 2nd pigeon entered on 13.37 then I have to 13 wait minutes, on 13.50 No fall 3 in 4 on the valve . 13,54 is no 5 . the other 4 birds after 14.00 received. so all 9 the pigeons at home though, but you go you always ask more true it is that it would not really rafts. Is it the quality of the pigeons forme ,the cage, or fail them something. You can of course continue to hope that things are improving every week. But on the other hand you get more and more doubts, The biggest question I have now is whether it is good loft. Too little or too much ventilation may ,it's too cold or too hot , excess heat difference between day and night. All things that can ensure that the birds do not fly. But then I had the pigeon middle distance champion of the circuit in the loft are on the same loft are flown on the same loft regularly top prizes. Now I'm writing this is to me more and more the realization that it is just the milker, a good coach makes all circumstances, facilities are available, In short, there must prevail a sports climate, and there can and should be the coach precautions. So there is still much work to do for me. I have another week to allow the pigeons to start appearing for the 2nd middle distance race. Soissons is scheduled. If you are unsure about anything, Hope is the only gripe so I do this week again. I wish everybody luck and see you next week.

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