Fourth WEDVLUCHT QuiƩvrain 07-05-2016

Congratulations to the winners

The fourth flight was like last week again flew from Quievrain I was hoping for a little progress compared to last week . The first pigeon in the association was clocked at 11.58. this pigeon was also 1st and 6th in the circle in the region. By myself fell the first and second pigeon 12.15 on the cover of the third fell on 12.28 4th and 5th on 12.29 on 12.46 came no 6 within. To turn the clock I had 8 of the 10 pigeons in. It remains a bit of fiddling, there is some progress in the shooting but not really. This week I'm going to the birds once laps at a distance of Ā± 50 km hope it will help to get them some more multiforme and urge on the loft. So I have another week to get ready for the pigeons 1st middle distance race from Morlincourt hope that we will again progress. I like the birds trying to get well prepared for the 1st one-day on 28 mei a.s. That is a great challenge and so it will be with many fans who are trying to do a time to put down a good result. Everyone success and until next week, but again full of hope because hope to keep.

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