It's almost March, the culture is still in progress. Some enthusiasts flying the first guy all around the house. Would be the buggy enthusiasts? Noooo will never !!!!!!. But you never know. In any case, there will be again a good time for the pigeon-fancier. If all goes well, the birds selected and we will prepare ourselves for the upcoming racing season. Our club is a veterinarian this year. The members can participate voluntarily in an investigation of 4 pigeons and droppings and further, there are also several opportunities to vaccinate the pigeons. I find it a good initiative if it meets here at the club and there resistance because some members feel that they have to and settled or worse still looked to expose themselves and their birds ailing. I personally think it is a good thing and that as a club and adult members here to deal with it. This way you have a better understanding about the health of your pigeons and if necessary you can well before the racing season yet what to do. It is also an activity of the club where the racers again to talk about the culture, The new racing season and everything to do with the sport.


In recent weeks there has been aired on TV series “Our boys in Java” My father has 3 in former Ned Indies served . I have over this period once wrote a piece. Now to the broadcast on TV about the war. I believed in memory of my father put this on my site again Column. Especially since it has now become much more clear about the battle that had to make the military. Not against their opponents but also with itself.

For Queen and Country

4 in 5 May be commemorated throughout the Netherlands in various ways. Similarly, in the village where I woon.Afgelopen week was a note on the mat at my home. It was a personal invitation from the local herdenkingscomité. This committee, composed of five people for years organized the commemoration for people in our village who are deceased during various wars, or were killed during combat. It's a nice meeting is taking place on the square. The memorial will be entertained by the local brass band and the local choir. There are also some notables and villagers through singing, stories and poems shine their light on the events and impact during the war(in).

Well it happens that my father for years has been involved in this club because he and a number of Dutch East Indies veterans had survived the war and thus have commemorated their fallen comrades. Since the death of my father we as family each year a personal invitation to come are full of pink blossom to under the big tree, to the memorial to attend. Every year when the invitation is on the mat, I think back to the conversation I had with my father about his 3 years in the Dutch East Indies.

It was just after the 2and world war my father was summoned (and many with him) to far from home to defend our colony for "Queen and Country". And as my father said afterwards that this was the biggest nonsense he had heard. He told them in Ermelo in a time of six weeks, trained in the snow, were primed to do the job! There was just not enough military clothing after World War II stock, only slightly higher in rank had uniforms. The boys walked in front of a Terlenka pants with woolly socks that was done on the legs to do a little bit of a tough soldier to appear. Of (super-trained) men were put hundreds on a big pirate and to (east) transported Dutch East Indies. To be unleashed there in a land far from home without family and with the World War II in mind.

After the Japanese surrender urges the Government of Indonesia in the independence. Netherlands Ned.Indië would like to retain and send several battalions Hunters and Grenadiers to participate in military actions. It was also the First Division 7 December set up a Task Force rests, restore order and security. My father was stationed with his battalion in East Java near the beautiful Surabaya. Far from home in a very different culture and tropical climate they were stationed in Sumenep to get into a horrifying anti-guerrilla war. In a war situation far from home to your service measurements family and creates lifelong friendships. Such was also the case for my father. From this period he has until his death to two great friendships on account, which one of them a very special bond. They were on patrol and had to cross the river via a bridge, During the crossing, they came under fire and my father hit the water with heavy packs. He landed and the heavy load in the flow could keep my father out of the water. A dozen meters further on the river has his service customization pulled it to the hair above the water and to the side. And so my father, when she was a patrol with their carrier in Mathews (half-track) ran a roadside bomb and there were several dead and wounded service dimensions. He has ensured that entered the living as well as possible and hidden safety. He took all hand weapons 10 km away to get help, so his fallen comrades and wounded service could be retrieved.

Years later 1995 my father is honored for this action to Wear Insignia wounded. "VULNERATUS NEC VICTUS" which means wounded but not defeated. This badge is only in Netherlands 1990 set and has the same value as the Purple Heart in the US Army. This badge has he earned and received through the intercession of his close friend and service dimension "Piet Boon".

I did my best pigeon named this guy "Piet Boon 902" This man came from an illustrious pigeon family in Alblasserdam and he and his family were also very appreciative that I have named the dove at him and a photograph of've had to make. This has given a prominent place in his home. Both men are unfortunately deceased on both 86 age.

I want to stand up for this almost extinct generation Indies goers who were sent to the World War II in their heads to a distant foreign land to fight there for "Queen and Country". In order to return and later to be reviled by public opinion. And as my father also said, For God and Country, We were scared and were homesick and wanted to somehow survive. Many of these men came back traumatized. There was still nothing from PTSD, therefore no guidance. They themselves had managed to find their way, see and handle all their memories and events. We as children of these soldiers have been brought to their fears and traumas, something I later came back and only noticed it nevertheless has had some impact in your life.

Fortunately there for the soldiers now broadcast sufficient attention and guidance as they return from a mission. So that people can tell their story and where necessary get help.

And as my mother would say,; "Your father has had eight years of war and hiding rest of his life sitting. I will say again the next time.

In memory of my father and all the fallen (spacious 6000) and all survivors, which is not the concept got what they deserved back in the Netherlands.


Peter van Fulp


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