First again congratulate the winners of this flight.

I'm not back at the winners in fact it was a terrible flight. The only positive is that all the pigeons were home on the flight day, Last week there is a nakomer returned arriving flight so I can again 10 inkorven. Now just this flight turned the 1st pigeon 11.35 2nd and 3rd at 11.40 afterwards on 11.43 / 11.47 / 11.51/ 12.00 / 12.49 the last came 15.15 when the clock was already out. The earliest pigeon perched in the association 11.20 and also was the earliest in the circle . So all in all a disappointing result. This week the pigeons they had not yet been given a yellow cure . So hope again that the next flight is still slightly better . Real forme is not the pigeons so I imagine there is not too much to hope but of course always a surprise. And hope is also a bit pigeon so we make our back on the next flight (Quievrain) and hope for the best.

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