the end

Recently, the canvas cases of the club of which I was a member. Last year we have the 50 anniversary celebrated with some a little hope to keep the club alive. But as the general tendency is to jettison in the sport not we escaped late last year to the club. For some, a heavy bill because of something they 30 , 40, or sometimes 50 year were members had to say goodbye. Some were social contacts with the club members and when they finished work cozy drink a dram. For others, the result was paramount and there for all districts even had social contacts and certainly no drink after basketing or stalling. But that was what made the club what it was, everyone there was room. On one of the last basketings Show came with a poem. Well I have to tell about Show that he almost weekly wrote a spell on the blackboard in the clubhouse, often to the amusement of fellow club members. Show is a well-read man, he reads every day a few newspapers and in between a good book and the various pigeon magazines. So Show always has to say something, He was also very critical of teammates who only thought of themselves and were much involved for personal gain. He would say very clearly what he thought, and hit the nail on the head. Show did a real pigeon lover of the sport but was not fanatical enough for the league game. Now back to the last basketings Show where his poem read to. It was entitled:

” the end “

The lift was solid and strong, more than 50 year
2 paws is less, and the club to “jammer”.

It was a good cluppie, something like Orange, but that Koeman.
My goal was to become champion, but had soon realized I was not fanatical enough.

But then champion baskets cleaning! However, a price.
A many years done with Eef, last year alone.

It was also expensive, Saturday all day waiting in the loft before my pigeons were home.
That cost me a suit Shag and half a case of beer.

This money I do now and go to a target. She lives at the same address!!!!
I'm not complaining else is too long.

I'm not kissing, but I thank you all for many great years.

Further, much health and happiness in this world.


Very succinctly described a lover from beginning to end.

Pigeon remains a beautiful hobby such as revealing picture of the NPO sticker. I've found a few I hope the future of the sport will look just as beautiful as this sticker. I will say again the next time.


Best wishes for 2019 Make it a great year with many pigeons fun and sportsmanship.

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