From a sunny Madeira (land of love and sunshine as Eddy Christiano). I sit in the morning sun with sea and not least a cup of coffee. The first few days of a holiday is it to acclimatize and relax. And just when… read more
  • 11 October 2019
    Holidays! I was really ready!!! I hear sometimes that around around me. People often live for a holiday, and the closer the holidays get, the more tired you become. When finally the holiday has come there sometimes got in the car. In … read more
  • Update 29 september 2019
    In connection 2018 I have again this year had a wonderful youngsters season culminating nominated 3rd and 5th champion youngsters middle distance in div 8 circuit SE and 4th best ace 19-1257512 (Alfred Strijker) 25e nominated and 16th designated area Fly SO GOU
  • 3 september 2019
    The racing season is almost at, Here and there some cake flights and so we end an eventful racing season again. With highs and lows. The important thing is that we have again become wiser about our pigeons. Where do the better pigeons come from and which pigeons you… read more
    The natoer flights progressing steadily, I remain very interested in the progress of these flights. Especially because many youngsters are played on these flights. As I mentioned in Part 1 in 2 wrote I am committed to flights commencing with the youngsters in August. … read more
    The good and positive responses to my column in the track No. 27 and again on No. 30 part 2 Youngsters flights in August. I think it is important to share 2 also on my site. PART 2: YOUNGSTERS FLIGHTS IN AUGUST ! The nature… read more
  • 3 augustus 2019
    After the many positive reactions to my Column PROPOSAL: YOUNGSTERS IN AUGUST! the track number 27 from last week. I thought it worthwhile to put this on my site too Column. Especially considering the importance of the young pigeons' flights and the … read more
    The young bird races are almost halfway. And most fans, the young pigeons even less if half!!!!!!. Throughout youngsters stake again in the sign of disaster flights while the losses associated. How on earth is it possible that there is… read more
  • 22 July 2019
    The bill continues to squeeze the youngsters flights. Every time I have done the pigeons in the travel baskets, creeps me feel a bit if you took something goodbye. Moments later, when the first beer that hits again in hope. And that has been the case for the past few years… read more
  • 17 July 2019
    It was me or vluchtje!!!!!! And I am flight on the youngsters last Saturday. I had 19 young pigeons for a flight ± 160 km. By some bad weather the pigeons 12.30met NW winds were unloaded. I calculated for myself that… read more
  • 7 July 2019
    Met 13 youngsters less yesterday I played my first young bird race in the loft. That was the outcome after the training last week. With my pigeon buddy Tonnie, we took the young pigeons in hand on Friday to see if they had recovered sufficiently… read more
  • 1 July 2019
    Where do I start, I'm asking myself. On the one hand I had a nice flight with the old hens and on the other a debacle with the youngsters. First the good news, Saturday flight Morlincourt 4 hens along and in the association… read more
  • 23 June 2019
    The Day After, I will call it. I can only begin when the first flight over youngsters!!!!!! I hope as I write this there are a lot of youngsters returned home. As it seemed last night when the clocks in our association struck, it saw … read more
  • 18 June 2019
    We are the first youngsters race. In recent weeks is therefore trained to your heart or self, or with the association , or with the container. Last Sunday, the club organized a drilling flight. We had 251 pigeons and the point was Venray. I myself did 35 it. … read more
  • 10 June 2019
    almost at Pentecost has ended. I find it nice long weekend, certain at this time the young bird races are fast approaching. And if the weather is still a bit of luck is all it took. Especially for the training of the youngsters, want in … read more
  • 2 June 2019
    It seems that summer has finally been introduced today the temperature rises above the first 30 degrees. Delicious for all, for the birds, the garden or on a terrace delicious. Yesterday 4 pigeons 2 the clock and 2 a kind fly. I … read more
  • 26 May 2019
    With all good intentions to play the hens in the one-day, it was a bit different. A buddy of mine is a driver and had his first ride on Monday to Den Bosch. I thought a nice drilling. So we did the pigeons in the basket and (mine... read more
  • 21 May 2019
    Last Saturday I did not participate. A good customer celebrated her 80th birthday, the party started 16.00 and was celebrated in a hall in Bargercompascuüm and located in Drenthe. So we sat around 14.00 in the car to leave. My wife is in charge… read more
  • 12 May 2019
    I have received many comments on my previous post on my site about the club love. There were reactions that asked who the people were!!, also comments that they had experienced something like the same experience. Maar de meeste reactie waren toch wel over het feit dat men zich verbaasde over het feit dat er … read more
  • Clubliefde
    In my Column in “Rail”club about love, I wrote that I was with an older couple for my work to e.e.a. perform to paint n.a.v. a renovation project. Now I received last week a coupon for a repair request at the same address. Er was na de renovatie een kleine … read more
  • 6 May 2019
    For me and my pigeons third vluchtje. The weather was not really to write home about, a bit bleak and occasionally heavy rain. With around ten o'clock even hail and sleet. The pigeons were released to 10.00 uur met NW wind … read more
  • 1 May 2019
    We are in the month of May, and May all birds lay an egg except the cuckoo and the blade laying in the month of May not. De meeste duiven hebben allang hun eerste ei gelegd en de jonge spruiten eruit vliegen al lang en breed hun rondje s in de … read more
  • 21 april 2019
    The second race has evaporated, it was a lovely day, well above the 20 degrees. The wind was O- NO so for my pigeons still a pretty tough vluchtje for the first time this season. I had total 8 birds that I could join. Met de laatste africhting … read more
  • 16 april 2019
    The first race is over, I could not participate unfortunately pigeons. I sat at home glued with a nasty stomach flu Shit boring and I was sick of shit I will say. Het was een koude zaterdag en daarom vond ik het ook niet zo erg dat de duiven niet … read more
  • 9 april 2019
    Last Saturday was the training at Tilburg I had total 11 pigeons. My buddy Tonnie had the pigeons basketed at the club. I was for a couple of days fishing in Ireland with a friend of mine. We hadden een aantal jaren gespaard om te gaan roofvissen in het … read more
  • 2 april 2019
    Last weekend for the first time trained pigeons. About a race of 10 km is more than enough for the first time. They had flown around the house all week and that went well, So the time is come buggy. Hoe je het wend of … read more
  • 25 March 2019
    Last week we read the clocks in the club and attached rings. I bought a new clock, another system. I had Unikon and switched to Benzing. It is smoothing used to but have great confidence in the new system. Ik heb veel plezier gehad van het … read more
  • 19 March 2019
    We are now back on a good week, and the young pigeons fly apace, not all because there is some difference in age between. I always go a little apprehensive as the last bijgezette youngsters for the first time flies get lost. Dit … read more
  • 11 March 2019
    The last update I wrote that the youngsters for the first time had separate . Meanwhile I 31 ringed youngsters and have 27 dropped off. Of this 27 it fly 20 many nice around the house, maar omdat ik nog wat jonge duiven bij heb gezet … read more
  • 24 February 2019
    Today the youngsters for the first time outside. I have around 9.00 hour put Sputnik. I was a little apprehensive because some youngsters sitting at which a week earlier had gekunnen out. The danger is that they are too quick. Ze kunnen zomaar ergens van … read more
  • 20 February 2019
    Gradually comes a little rest. For now though, calm before the storm so to speak. Spring is coming which means that it will start out painting season. And with our new home are also still some work as the garden, build new barn, buiten … read more
  • 12 February 2019
    The first frost has been introduced 2 nights each other moderate frost. Many fanciers who have already started with breeding, holding their breath. So I , I had put the cocks and hens together at Christmas with the intention of releasing them… read more
  • 22 January 2019
    The first frost has been introduced 2 nights each other moderate frost. Many fanciers who have already started with breeding, holding their breath. So I , I had put the cocks and hens together at Christmas with the intention of releasing them… read more
  • the end
    Recently, the canvas cases of the club of which I was a member. Last year we have the 50 anniversary celebrated with some a little hope to keep the club alive. But as is the general trend in the pigeon sport, we escaped at the end of last year… read more

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