• 20 december 2018
    It's been a while since I wrote a piece on my site. As I wrote the last time we did a 1 November into our new house, and it has succeeded. 27 October J.L.. We involved our new home . It wasn't quite done yet... read more
  • 18 March 2018
    It currently is not possible to write a weekly piece on my site, partly because we are very busy with our company well I write 2 a weekly column in the footsteps of champions. And of course with the house sale and purchase new home. It … read more
  • 04 March 2018
    It is almost 3 weeks since my last letter. The past few weeks have been awfully busy with preparations related to the purchase of our new home. And that takes a lot of energy, I can tell you, you just get tired of what you have to meet these days to get a … read more
  • 14 February 2018
    It is today 14 February, a beautiful day where many people wish each other the most loving things. How long existed Valentine? I have been wondering for a few years on Valentine's Day. In England it's always been a tradition that comes from faith, Valentine was and is a patron… read more
  • 29 January 2018
    We are still house hunting, I've watched 2oo houses in recent months, some you know immediately that it is nothing other house is good but nothing place or vice versa. It remains a very searching, my wife spent a lot of time behind… read more
  • 21 January 2018
    I'm very much in the culture , Well plenty and in culture!!!!! I have the breeders 14 days ago linked . I have not lightened it was pretty loose again at that time so I think we'll see where the ship shore. As I wrote before… read more
  • 13 January 2018
    We are in the new year and are already hard at work on where we left off. So go work in and around the house just as well by our company. It is a hive of activity within the orders come quickly as before, we can really see that… read more
  • 05 January 2018
    The first piece of writing in the New Year, a new year where everybody with the best intentions to start going. Especially smoking cessation, to lose weight, drink less exercise more. In short, everything for a better health and a longer life. Everywhere you bombarded (perhaps not a good choice of words in this) met … read more
  • 08 april 2018
    As I told you last time it is not easy to write a weekly piece. We n.l. 29 March bought our new house and there is a lot of work. The demolition work we do ourselves and must for 1 May be ready because then the builders will start … read more

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