• 26 december 2017
    we write 26 December Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day!!. Christmas Day I will always a special day, truly a day for friends and family. Cooking together a nightcap drink cozy table for dinner. We have to last for 2 year always celebrated Christmas with our family, maar … read more
  • 19 december 2017
    It has been 10 days ago I wrote the previous piece, time flies with bullets walk past. It is the last few days have been a bit drizzly weather freezing rain a bit and therefore slippery road again. Alle codes voor slecht en gevaarlijk weer zijn voorbij gekomen … read more
  • 02 december 2017
    December could begin the festive month par excellence but before the festivities there will be hard (pepper)notes are cracked. Sinterklaas must still coming and I fear now that the whole party could ever come to be called into question. Want volgens welingelichte bronnen gaan de schoorsteenvegers een proces aanspannen vanwege … read more
  • 09 december 2017
    The first snowflakes are floated down over our country, and they remain Also. When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I saw a beautiful white blanket on the streets, trees, shrubs and roofs are. Het was nog vroeg en het was nog donker … read more
  • 19 november 2017
    Sinterklaas has arrived back in our little country, but I feel that he is present all year round. Regularly renewed discussion returns over the Saint and his helpers. He is now officially arrived in our country so the gingerbread cookies can(kruidnoten) of Sinterklaasmix weer in een … read more
  • 12 november 2017
    I say “spiegel” it was a statement of an architectural interior designer ( BBA as he called himself) and watched a few minutes around the table very touching and interesting, waiting for our response. Op deze manier liet hij nog maar eens merken dat hij vond dat er voor zijn kwaliteiten nog … read more
  • 05 november 2017
    Metoo!!!! you can open a newspaper or turn on the radio or TV or talking about metoo. sit in every talk show again people who are Meetoo. it seems like every minute, every hour and every day there definitely again be new cases. Maar hoe meetoo is het … read more
  • 29 October 2017
    The clock is put back, attend it again before the morning light . If the clock is done I get the feeling that we really go winter. That is also true, over 5 weken is Sinterklaas weer in het land en raast hij weer over de daken met of … read more
  • 17 October 2017
    It seems that we will have a beautiful autumn, is also good for parents and children, because this week's autumn. The season of chestnuts , turnips beechnuts and acorns. Recently I was at a customer , en daar zag ik nog van die poppetjes die gemaakt waren van … read more
  • 03 October 2017
    After a nice week holiday in southern Spain we are already a week at home. I had a week's holiday and so could house around some do. So we have a big walnut tree in the garden where we had a wonderful shade in the garden in summer, en … read more
  • 22 September 2017
    From my holiday address ( a sunny Salobrena is located in southern Spain) I write my story today. Ordinary life here in Salobreña starts early. At about six runs gardener around our villa as an assassin, you hear him n.l. hardly. Deze man heeft er echt voor gestudeerd om mensen niet … read more
  • 14 September 2017
    Finally!!! The racing season is over , at least it will feel that for some players. For other fanciers flights can not continue long enough. But is there anyway for me. De balans opmakend dat het een wisselvallig maar toch leuk seizoen is geweest ik heb in … read more
  • 07 September 2017
    The racing season is almost over yet 1 vluchtje on the late tour and then we can prepare for the breeding season. My thoughts go to go back to the beginning of the season. We had (and have) ons huis te koop staan en de twijfel was er toen of … read more
  • 20 augustus 2017
    I am now in the middle of the holiday and if you're going home all relaxed, you have more time to do the things you normally have less time. Take for reading the newspaper normally grab the headlines, a piece of local news , … read more
  • 16 augustus 2017
    We are approaching the end of the young bird races. This year has flown a variety of ways to try to lose the youngsters counter . Bij ons is dat met een aangepast vliegprogramma met nog diverse instap mogelijkheden om ziektes of dat je wat latere jongen ook … read more
  • 08 augustus 2017
    They are pretty busy, africhtingen the pigeons natour , the young bird races are therefore still in progress altogether it gives back a lot of crowds. Last we had a discussion on the late tour in the club. Ik noem de natour verkapte jonge duiven … read more
  • 31 July 2017
    Today is the last day of July , time flies past us at high speed. I was me wondering this past weekend how are the plans for the sport plan 2021 I'll call it even. We zitten … read more
  • 26 July 2017
    Today I went to a funeral service was a farewell service of my mentor and advisor but most of all a very kind and good man. He had the respectable age of 83 year , For an outsider but a good age for family ,friends a very great loss. De band … read more
  • 19 July 2017
    Last weekend was a success in many ways. he had 2 flights last middle distance race and the 1st official youngsters flight. On both flights was called the reasonably successful. In the middle distance, I was 2nd in the association and a 7th position in the circle. Bij de jonge … read more
  • 10 July 2017
    We are 3 flee further and the weekend is over. you know that statement was again 3 x nothing. Well this decision was applicable to me this weekend. We write Saturday 08 July 2017 Our eldest daughter is 23 jaar geworden en er kwamen wat mensen … read more
  • 03 July 2017
    Het afgelopen weekend hadden we bij ons in de afdeling een duifloos weekend. That is to say that there were no competition flights and all this with the expected bad weather. My thoughts went back to the years 70 to the car-free Sunday . I was about 12 toen … read more
  • 23 June 2017
    It was again a hectic few weeks in all areas. It is our company now main season so when the sun begins to shine is drawn to us on all sides to get painted up things as quickly as possible. One would like it ready for the holidays, … read more
  • 05 June 2017
    We are still in the Whitsun weekend , Spend a few days off so some more time for the family and the doves. Last weekend had the 2nd middle distance race . The weather situation is always on the minds of the duivelary , rightly so!!!. Maar wat is nu wijsheid moet of mag er … read more
  • 25 May 2017
    Today is Ascension Day, a day, So take some time to write a piece. I find it always nice to write a piece as long as you take the time to take. Vandaag is dus een vrije dag en heb me dan ook voorgenomen me veelal bezig te … read more
  • 20 May 2017
    It's been a while since I've written something on my site. The last few months had a lot of worries. We are still trying to sell our house. And further pressure around and in the home with anything and everything. En dan niet te vergeten ons bedrijf waar we … read more
  • 18 February 2017
    Time flies and before you know it we have a few more weeks without writing anything. The last few weeks were over crowded and turbulent weeks. As I wrote earlier, we were engaged in the sale of our house. We hebben besloten om de geplande verkoop niet door … read more
  • 26 January 2017
    It remains frozen for a few days and then the temperature will rise again as the weather scholars. For the skate enthusiast this is a minor and Elfstedentocht message seems further away than ever. The famous words spoken by the last Elfstedentocht “It Git Oan” zullen voorlopig wel niet … read more
  • 16 January 2017
    I was most recently whether I would go to link this year. Firstly I said goodbye 75% my racing and breeding pigeons i.v.m. with the relocation of one of my lofts. So why this contraction of my pigeons. Mijn bedoeling is om van één hok te gaan … read more
  • 03 January 2017
    As I wrote earlier, I did not yet know when I was going to couple the pigeons for breeding and in fact whether I was going to couple at all because of. with the sale of our house. Het gaat erop lijken dat ik dit jaar niet hoeft te koppelen tenminste niet meer om … read more

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