• 31 december 2016
    We're on the last day of the old year, rather, as I write this we are still 4 hours away from the New Year. On New Year's Eve and night I think about what it all last year in review has been passed, cute and unpleasant events the successes and disappointments. The beauty is that you generally can better remember and quickly bring to mind the fun stuff and successes. En tijdens deze overdenkingen hoor ik het vuurwerk al zo een beetje de hele dag knallen en tijdens dit geknal denk ik nog terug aan de tijd dat ikzelf … read more
  • 23 december 2016
    We're a day before Christmas Eve, the Christmas spirit after the events of this week farther away than ever. Peace on earth, Many people have grown up with this idea, but have long been only pretty words. I remember my father told me he was called up as a soldier to go to Indonesia to defend Dutch colony. Together with 6000 man 6 weeks on a ship to a distant foreign country with a different culture and where a handful of Dutch a few centuries held sway. een land dat … read more
  • 18 december 2016
    Almost a year passed , time flies !!!. It seems that the more the years pass, the faster time seems to go. And yet there must always be thrown out a final sprint at the end of the year. Alles moet of, everything should be ready.!!!! It seems there is no more new year, and that these are truly the last few days . Everything in this time of year is all about Christmas and New Year. Everywhere you walk in and you look everything is about Christmas and New Year. Het begint al met de reclamefolders in de bus met de … read more
  • 04 december 2016
    We are in December, the festive month par excellence. we celebrate 5 of December first the Sinterklaas (with or without black helpers discussion). Then we are going to slowly prepare for the Christmas party. The party where everything is excessive, take the food to the gifts leisure time with family , family and friends. It's time for a drink and bite again by taking the past year and look back what has been. During this time I think too often and to go back to earlier times, how at our house went over it with Santa Claus and Christmas. Het Sinterklaasfeest … read more
  • 22 november 2016
    I wrote last week about the first nachtvorstjes, we're back with temperatures in the 15 degrees above zero. The weather remains an unpredictable factor. It is of course also so that the climate will change more and more in recent years. I am now 40 years in the profession of painting , and from the beginning of my career I remember painters 15 March, the starting signal was given with respect to the exterior painting , in 15 October, the final maturity date of the exterior paintwork. In de huidige tijd en klimaat is de gemiddelde luchtvochtigheid in april hetzelfde als vroeger in maart en zo is het … read more
  • 13 november 2016
    The first few nachtvorstjes we have had, so the kale is on the table again. I see before me how my parents were only the lonely peaks kale still in the vegetable garden, everything was already in the country except those long steal with a wrinkly green leaves at the bottom here and there brownish discolored leaves that were waiting for the first frost, then the kale was at its tastiest and the tops were cut and could kale stew made. Nowadays you can eat kale year round it is at the grocery store in the freezer , … read more
  • 02 november 2016
    It's me it was the week , I've just been on the sick list, according to the scholars . And indeed I did not feel really toppie, I have had nice gripped a bad cold and a mild pneumonia. These symptoms go with me it entails that you do not really feel called to do anything strenuous. Have lots located on the bank and when the sun shone I could thoroughly enjoy the sunlight streaming through the stained glass window shone. De kleuren van het glas in lood en de zonnestralen werden … read more
  • 23 October 2016
    We are very much in the autumn weather, it is rainy inclement weather the leaves on the trees have beautiful colors and blown by the wind in the branches. Here in home runs coughing the whole family, to sneeze, proesten a tea snot creator. These are the verschijnseleen who belong to this time of year. Luckily we are in terms of taking care of the pigeons in the quiet season and I can suffice in recent days with clean water and food, and not much engaged in the duivelary. The upcoming period will focus meetings , … read more
  • 14 October 2016
    After a nice holiday begins normal life, Now again a week participated in the labor force. Time flies “before you know it you're old”my mother always said,. The evening is getting dark earlier and you can notice at all that we are in the fall and winter go away. It is the silent pigeon season we say, there are no more wedvluchten. The largest selection is made in your pigeons, here and there will be some pigeons disappear and some birds are added, but by and large are the breeders and racers known for coming season. Hier en daar wordt er … read more
  • 05 October 2016
    I write this from a sunlit” Ellenz”, a town on the Mosel in Germany. Spend a week's holiday and just as befits a pigeon outside the “pigeon season”. Naturally offseason for another option you as a fancier hardly!!!!!!!!!!!. No you yourself say!!!, a vacation in the pigeon season. The sun high in the sky, wonderful temperatures, cozy beaches, Other festivities, terraces. No none of this, scratch, to clean, tame, tag, drinking bowls excesses(is also with flowing water), Clean feeders. En dan inkorven heerlijk gezellig met de mannen in het duivenlokaal tot een uur of tien s’avonds en dan met de pet … read more
    I'm always glad we had the last flight , capturing the pigeon, the lugging baskets , the pigeons get to train and also lapping. No for me is the end of the racing season a welcome change in the sport. What I first weeks have been wrong on Flight tension waiting for the information lossings, check weather forecasts, calculate the estimated time of arrival and of course the return of the pigeons. Instead, a beautiful time breaks again, selecting your pigeons. Van vliegers tot kwekers het hele … read more
  • FLIGHT 10 September 2016 Natourvlucht LAON ± 298 km
    The last winners of this season congratulations and also congratulated all the championships won. The last flight was late races gone from Laon , The weather forecast was good so all for components were there so it would be a nice final flight. I had chosen all youngsters have to play again (minus 2 wounded) so in total 19 youngsters and I had 5 hens that I wanted to play again. The pigeons were liberated at 09.40 with SSW wind later turning to SW. Met een beetje rekenen kom je dan op … read more
  • FLEE 03 September 2016 Young birds race Melun ± 424 KM and Natourvlucht Menen / Moeskroen ± 227 km (was Quievrain) .
    MENEN/MOESKROEN De natour vlucht werd afgelopen week vervlogen vanuit Menen/Moeskroen, it was Quievrain but they had decided by the meteorological conditions expected to solve some westerly. The pigeons were liberated at 11.45 with a wind WSW. I had this race decided only to play the late youngsters and wounded youngsters. I had total 14 , and the challenge is of course always knowing that these flights be played many old. I'm always wondering what is the difference (besides entering the right then) in de vereniging viel de eerste duif om … read more
  • FLIGHT 27 AUGUSTUS 2016 natour Quievrain. Youngsters Melun flight canceled and moved to next week.
    We did this last week 2 flights natour was gone from Quievrain ± 225 km . National youngsters flight was canceled due to the weather conditions expected from Melun and moved to next week. So this week but 1 flight due to the heat, the pigeons were liberated at 07.30 a Tsolution I feel like saying. It would be hot so early release if possible is a great solution . Often talked about inversion and large losses will be there too with associated. But what finally inversion : Since cold air has a higher density, heeft deze … read more
  • FLEE 13 AUGUSTUS 2016 Youngsters flight Nanteuil la Houdin and 1 Natourvlucht Duffel.
    Nanteuil Le Houdin In deze rare week waarbij je heen en weer geslingerd wordt door allerlei emoties en de klok heel even stil stond , you come to realize that life goes on. And again you are aware yourself how beautiful life is all around. It was obviously different with basketing as usual but it was a nice relaxing atmosphere. The unloaded 7th youngsters flight from to 09.30 from Nateuil le Houdin (a beautiful name for unloading) The pigeons were released with the WSW wind. The pigeons had a small 377 km ahead . Na de vorige week waar … read more
    The first flight natour gone from Duffel , I had 32 pigeons which 10 late boy 5 injured early and late or come home and 17 hens. I chose as many pigeons play on the late tour. just to see what is inside, and whether there are surprises , I can play next year in the races, especially the one-day flights . I want to go there to focus a bit and got the idea to next season with as many cocks and hens to play these flights. De Vitessevluchten wil ik dan ook gaan gebruiken … read more
    Let me come straight to the point home that the pet this week but also really hard hat and. I wrote in my last flight report losses, Well this week I do it so it stands out shows there are a lot of them. I 13 youngsters basketed on this race and was on the flight day turn the clock there all told the paltry number of 5 home. The pigeons were liberated at 11.00 uur vanuit Laon met een wzw wind en hadden een goed vertrek het was een beetje wisselvallig weer op de … read more
    One day Issoudun 24 July 16 I'm a little bit late to write the flight report from the previous week. This is partly due to that it is very busy at the moment on the case and also the disappointment of flights last weekend was very big, so the sentence was not much there to write. I'm writing while I'm waiting for the release message this weekend. Let me start with the es-day, Last week it was the last-day flight 2016 Issoudun stond op het programma een vlucht van … read more
    Of course congratulated all the winners wholeheartedly with their victory. Middle distance Flight Nanteuil la Hadouin. For me it was after all the euphoria of last week's slightly disappointing flights dare I say with confidence that it was disappointing. The middle distance race for me personally not the biggest stumbling block I play there every middle distance race late Young 2015 with the objective that he gains experience and comes home. And every week he returned home, This morning he was back fresh and fruity on the valve. So the goal is reached. He still 2 oude pennen en is weer van … read more
    I want to congratulate all the winners and especially very affectionate with their great performance. 1 daily from Chat Roux 9 juli Het is een beetje raar om alle winnaars te feliciteren dit omdat jezelf ook bij de winnaars zit en wel te verstaan op de 1 day flight from bygone Chat Roux. In the association I had on the 1st 15.04.27 2nd on 15.04.53 3rd pigeon 15.10.50 and the 4th pigeon 15.36.23 . A great achievement that I had hoped as a whole while at. Zoals ik elke keer in mijn stukjes de hoop uitspreek op een goede vlucht kwam het nu een keertje … read more
  • Youngsters race from Duffel 9 July
    For me the first young bird race, as I wrote last week I had left the youngsters home. So it felt to me this week, a bit like the moment of truth. Were the birds recovered sufficiently from all 2 the training flights that had no spectacular progress and decent work had many losses (total 18 pieces stayed away.) There are now more 21 Young pigeons in the loft which 3 injured birds that I could not and would play. I had the youngsters last week 2 time itself taken away 1 time on Monday ± 10 km de duiven … read more
  • FLEE 02 JULY 2016
    On these flights, I have not played pigeons themselves. All winners congratulations of flights 02 July 2016. And certainly special for my buddy Tonnie pigeons with his 3rd place on teletext WHZB / TBOTB of 7.184 duiven in La Ferte Sous Jouarre. And for Martijn our new member . Martijn became a member this year and played for the first time with the youngsters flights. He had 6 pigeons 4 the highest ranking in prices Association 5th and 11th Circuit.
  • drilling TILBURG 28 JUNE 2016
    After the 1st drilling which is poor expired (I totally 20 pigeons back) I saw no reason not to join the remaining youngsters on the 2nd drilling from Tilburg. The pigeons looked good and they flew a storm at home. The Sunday before the training I have again taken away the youngsters at an ± 10 km. Monday evening I 19 pigeons basketed, a pigeon I had to leave home because it was injured. Tuesday morning the birds are to 09.30 unloaded from Tilburg, het weer was goed dus niks stond er in de weg om er een … read more
    All winners congratulations on this great victory in this difficult flight. After the debacle of the 1st youngsters drilling , in total I 20 youngsters back from this flight a loss 19 stuks op de 1e serieuze africhting . There are several pigeons reported Franeker , Sneek , Emmen, Zwolle, Zierikzee and Oijen. Almost sit by the country's birds and not only mine with other enthusiasts losses were enormous. I 1 youngster picked up today in Oijen lying about 15 km of unloading the Rosmalen 777 … read more
  • First training YOUNGSTERS 19 JUNE 2016 ROSMALEN.
    The first training of the youngsters from Rosmalen liberated at 11.00 hour. Well I'll start with es , I am young 3 x trained as you may have read on my site. And I also wrote that 3 were perfect africhtingen. Well with this knowledge I am confident 39 Young pigeons basketed pigeons were in good order and the weather forecast was good. Well Boy pigeons were so to 11.00 gelost de enige angst die ik had was dat er op deze zondag nog diverse vluchten moesten worden vervlogen i.v.m het … read more
  • NEGENDE WEDVLUCHT 12-06-2016
    The winners congratulations on their victory in this difficult flights. The ninth flight day consisted of 2 flee 1 day was gone from Chateaudun and Vitesse Flight was gone from St. Quentin. It was a difficult weekend to provide good solutions i.v.m. weather . On Saturday the pigeons are released from St Quentin 13.20 I had this Vitesse flight no pigeons. This is because the only pigeon that I play them a week earlier was injured on Monday returned home and it is not safe to play this pigeon. Het was al … read more
  • EIGHTH WEDVLUCHT 05-06-2016
    Kind Gluckwinschen for the winner. (is english) The eighth race would be lost were from St Quentin but because no discharge capabilities was chosen Epehy whatever could not take place . When we decided to move to Quievrain what a good opportunity in itself was but the weather conditions were also unsuccessful . Saturday is therefore not unloaded . Sunday the birds are unloaded in Asse Zellik at that time the most sensible choice. If 14.00 The pigeons were unloaded, ik had een duif mee de late jongen op zich had ik er wel … read more
    Winners earn back all tribute. The seventh had flight day 2 flights in the offing. The 1st one-day out (Gien was Melun i.v.m. weather) and a sprint race from Niergnies. The first one day would be gone from Gien but were carried i.v.m bad weather decided to drive back to Sense. In Sense the weather though not much more was considered to move to Nanteuil Le Hadouin uiteidelijk Melun but turned out to be the best losplaat. Instead of 530 Km was 424 Km which given the unstable weather conditions in distance was far enough. Variabel … read more
  • Sixth WEDVLUCHT 21-05-2016
    Felicitaties voor de winnaars De zesde vlucht tevens de 2e midfondvlucht werd vervlogen vanuit Soissons. The weather was good south to zzw a nice flight 330 km. Of course the big question was how to stand again before the pigeons, Well I will say quite honestly that performance again give a little bit of courage. But it is not really to write home about. Last week I changed nothing in the loft, forage, nor cured. What I've done, I've patched the pigeons sometime I have them on Wednesday ± 50 km taken away. Ze waren met goed … read more
  • Fifth WEDVLUCHT 14-05-2016
    Hulde voor de winnaars De vijfde vlucht was tevens de 1e midfondvlucht en werd oorspronkelijk vervlogen vanuit Morlincourt maar omdat de weervoorspellingen niet echt gunstig waren is er gekozen om naar Laon te gaan. And as far as I can judge right choice, Flight is what I have understood well run off with a little rain and the road north and later northwesterly, Sjapo for unloading committee then may also be said. You notice it if I'm to the bush around the turn. So it was another flight which I played no role in. … read more
  • Fourth WEDVLUCHT Quiévrain 07-05-2016
    Felicitaties voor de winnaars De vierde vlucht werd zoals vorige week ook weer gevlogen vanuit Quievrain ik hoopte op een kleine vooruitgang te opzichte van vorige week . The first pigeon in the association was clocked at 11.58. this pigeon was also 1st and 6th in the circle in the region. By myself fell the first and second pigeon 12.15 on the cover of the third fell on 12.28 4th and 5th on 12.29 on 12.46 came no 6 within. To turn the clock I had 8 of the 10 pigeons in. Het blijft een beetje aan rommelen er zit wel … read more
  • THIRD WEDVLUCHT Quiévrain 30-04-2016
    The winners this week will again congratulations. The third race was flown from Quievrain. What shall I say from now es , I had expressed the hope for a surprise. hope this is partly true 1st pigeon I clocked up 16.12 2nd there was 16.25 on the 3rd 16.26 . I feel the pigeons were long overdue for a podium, and so it was the 1st pigeon association was clocked at 15.50 This was also the 1st pigeon in the circle and in the region . Tot mijn grote verbazing stond ik … read more
    First again congratulate the winners of this flight. I'm not back at the winners in fact it was a terrible flight. The only positive is that all the pigeons were home on the flight day, Last week there is a nakomer returned arriving flight so I can again 10 inkorven. Now just this flight turned the 1st pigeon 11.35 2nd and 3rd at 11.40 afterwards on 11.43 / 11.47 / 11.51/ 12.00 / 12.49 the last came 15.15 when the clock was already out. De vroegste duif in de vereniging zat … read more
  • First WEDVLUCHT DUFFEL 16-04-2016
    First of all winners congratulations on their victory. The season started belongings is on track. The first race is gone, the pigeons from Duffel to 9.05 unloaded, What surprised me I had imagined myself i.v.m again, not to mention temperature that they would be released around noon. But to be honest it was a perfect solution which has gone well, I have heard nothing about big losses. So shappoo for lossings committee which may be said. Voor mij persoonlijk was het belangrijk dat de verschillen in tijd veel minder zouden zijn dan … read more
  • drilling REUSEL 09-04-2016
    The 2nd drilling unloaded from Reusel is over. Last week there 3 yearlings residual shame because among the yearlings can always sit surprises. Surprised they did me well but in the wrong way, last week 14 racers so this week I could still 11 do in the basket. The pigeons last week had less trained i.v.m bad weather, maar ja daar hebben we allemaal last van zij het wel dat ik alles naar werktijd moet doen en als het dan regent heb je al geen keus meer. anyway yet 3 keer getraind … read more
  • drilling ROSMALEN 02-04-2016
    We have the first training it down as it looks now, this went not so good to me. I hope that this is a prelude to the racing season. I had 14 cocks, whereof 9 jaarlingen op de lossing dag had ik ‘s avonds 8 pigeons back old and 3 yearlings. It was slow very slow. The pigeons were to 12.15 unloaded in Rosmalen I had been the first pigeon 12.51 maar deze bleef zitten en maakte geen enkele aanstalten om binnen te komen. If 13.02 got I 2 duiven vlak achter elkaar allebei oude duiven … read more
  • 29-03-2016
    Today 29-03-2016 the youngsters vaccinated against paramixo they are now 5 weeks old. This is the first time I've let the youngsters as young grafting, this I have also done because it was written in several pigeon magazines that the younger the birds are less susceptible to stress how they are. I spoke to a Belgian enthusiast where I bought a hen in and told me that he did this for years and that he has since virtually no coli had more among youngsters. Zo ook mijn duivenmaatje Tonnie die mij er ook op attendeerde dat hij … read more

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