The winners congratulations on their victory in this difficult flights.

The ninth flight day consisted of 2 flee 1 day was gone from Chateaudun and Vitesse Flight was gone from St. Quentin.

It was a difficult weekend to provide good solutions i.v.m. weather . On Saturday the pigeons are released from St Quentin 13.20 I had this Vitesse flight no pigeons. This is because the only pigeon that I play them a week earlier was injured on Monday returned home and it is not safe to play this pigeon. It was a superb performance to wounded coming back so why preliminary smoothing rest of this cock.

On the 1 day I 7 cocks basketed they had sufficient rest after the last 1 day and I also have confidence to run a nice pigeon. How else can walk the weather was of nowhere, and the release was postponed from Saturday to Sunday. If 08.45 Sunday morning, the doves released from Chateaudun and had had a good trip on the department website. Ze vertrokken met een ZW wind wat later in België en Nederland over zou gaan in en een westen wind. These winds can you expect a rate of between 80 in 90 km per hour, there would be between 15.00 in 15.30 the first birds to fall. While waiting for the pigeons had already seen on the radar images that the pigeons had the road not easy here and still rain and even heavy showers. about half 3 it started to rain on our giant , it was really pouring down. Then you know it can be a very strange flight. Without compromising the victors because they have the same weather as everyone is the luck factor greater than normal. Denotes you have on the right side of the storm wind on the tail . Especially with this weather is so changeable that all sides can. Anyway, the first pigeon was shot in our society to 15.38.20 Then came a long time nothing until when I hit a pigeon on the valve 16.18.17 it was a cock of 2012 hotline because I was, I knew this was the 2nd pigeon association. At that moment I knew it would be a tedious vluchtje the only hope I have it still would come home all pigeons. Ik heb de aankomende week en weekje vrij en ben dus ook zondagmiddag rond vijf uur weggereden omdat we een klein vakantietje hadden geboekt ergens in een huisje aan de Vecht. My pigeons size Tonnie would continue collecting and care of the pigeons, that's always a nice feeling. But I left with the knowledge that only 1 Dove was home and it does not feel fine. But vacation is vacation and I had promised my wife so you should also respect. Tonnie has kept quite informed me and I had to 20.00 4 home yet 3 go so . This morning there was 07.30 still nothing to hope they come home during the day. Hope has struck again as you see, but if you just keep hopeful that well rewarded once. We are going to get ready for the next 1 day flight, now first enjoy the holidays . Good luck with the preparations for the next flight and we hope again for the best.!!!!!!!!

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