From a sunny Madeira (land of love and sunshine as Eddy Christiano). I sit in the morning sun with sea and not least a cup of coffee. The first few days of a holiday is it to acclimatize and relax. And precisely at times when more comes to rest. Come naturally the thoughts about your work, private and also on the last pigeon season. For me personally I had a bit of a racing season with the old birds with here and there a prize but it was also. In contrast with the youngsters was a nice season with different kopprijsjes, with a nice finishing position. What I myself almost after every racing season wonder is "how many years more will follow"? You hope, of course, as much as possible, but how realistic is that! In recent years you decline the members numbers in sports. And the question is how you get new members. What I notice despite this decline, it seems they are becoming more selfish. Maybe it's also because there are fewer members and selfishness than to emphasize. Or could it really be so? I read a lot and listen also like to know what to tell other fanciers have. So I spoke to last a fancier who made themselves quite angry had been reading an article in a pigeon sheet and cringe in his shoes. It was a (great champion) write about himself that he is honest and humble!!!!. And that was not the worst he continued. He was annoyed that he especially rondbazuinde he was back at the champions this year with the youngsters without playing his best pigeons. I wonder how humble you are!!!. And also how do you know if you (other) pigeons plays that are your best pigeons???? I think false humility is a better qualification of the person he assiduously continue. could this (champion) really think that the pigeon fanciers who had read a story fell on their mind. "I do not think so", he concluded his tale. I told him that most champions do not flaunt that this arrogance. But he nevertheless spans the crown began the man again. Envy as they talk about when they get criticized. But that is not you can be a topmelker but that does not mean you're a fine fellow fancier. You must remember he said, People often do not hate the person, but above all his behavior. He really is not immodest and integrity he ended this man does everything for personal gain. I also later read the relevant part and indeed I came over a bit of the same feeling. What I wonder myself than. Could this man be (modest) reputation have realized what this does to fellow fanciers. Or is his selfishness and ego so big that everything must yield to his own gain. What I also wonder if this critical texts would also be published in a pigeon magazine. I think it would be good because that's pigeon anno 2019. Between all the great stories of achievements and champions can also be quite a cautionary note. That's pigeon racing and reality. There will always be people who might feel drawn, but that is all there is written. It might sometimes be good to me more stories to publish a cautionary note. So that we are put to think about everything that has to do with the sport. And maybe those who are attracted feel there can profit from them. And as my mother ever said "spare the rod and spoil the child" I will say again the next time.

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