Welcome my website: Peter van Fulpen from Millingen ad Rijn.

I was born in Erlecom a small brick factory village on the Waal 10 km under the smoke of Nijmegen.

On 9 I got pigeons from an uncle from Millingen ad Rijn. That was the prelude to the pigeon virus that you are infected with for your life. In a small loft in the corner of the barn built by my father my first pigeons were a brick red hen and a scratch cock.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I had to stop a few years later.

In 2008 I came into contact with a couple through my work who had to stop their pigeon sport due to illness. I was able to take over a complete pigeon loft and clock system from these people.

After placing the Hok in Leuth where I lived at the time, I got pigeons from various fanciers. And I joined a pigeon club in the same year I participated with eleven young pigeons in the young pigeon flights with small successes. From 2009 I participated in the races with old and young pigeons, this was also with trial and error. Achieved great successes over the years.

Since the move in 2018 to Millingen ad Rijn I started again at the beginning n.l. with the youngsters, Surprisingly this went very well and have a nice 1and season. It 2and year I could also play the yearlings, this again with a success here and there.

Ever since 2018 that I live in Millingen I have 4 achieved wonderful successes year in a row with the youngsters, with an upward trend every year. It is also getting better with the old pigeons and I am setting the bar higher and higher.

That's why I keep looking for good pigeons that can strengthen my loft. Every year I get pigeons from Gerard van de Bovenkamp from Doetinchem from his best couples and I also bought the best pigeons from Mart van de Velden from Velp(due to ending hobby) ao de Bonte 707 a stock cock. Also pigeons from Comb. Beverdam from the best lines. I am building up my pigeon file from couplings of these pigeons and it is already starting to bear fruit.

On my website you can find everything about my racing and breeding pigeons and performances.

 I wish you a lot of reading and viewing pleasure on my website.

Regards Peter van Fulpen

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