First WEDVLUCHT DUFFEL 16-04-2016

First of all winners congratulations on their victory.

The season started belongings is on track. The first race is gone, the pigeons from Duffel to 9.05 unloaded, What surprised me I had imagined myself i.v.m again, not to mention temperature that they would be released around noon. But to be honest it was a perfect solution which has gone well, I have heard nothing about big losses. So shappoo for lossings committee which may be said. For me personally it was important that differences in time would be much less than last week at the training because that was a debacle. I had first contact last week with the vet who suspected ornithose and advised me there cures for a few days and also I sent the manure of the pilots and the youngsters, the outcome of the droppings is that the pigeons nothing wrong. The last was a lot down the racers what tick that little forme sits on the pigeon, from the middle of the week the pigeons trained better. That was for me a reason to all 10 the racers basketing Friday for the 1st race and secretly knowing better hope for a surprise . And it did so not even flew my first dove 10.19 around and clocked me at 10.21.48 0p 10.25 I got 2 at the same time as also 10.29 on 10.30 No pigeon fell 6 the loft and pigeon 10.36nr No 7 . No. 8 dropped on 10.59 on the valve, and No 9 on 11.19. In itself, I was satisfied that the pigeons were home except one within an hour than. Continuing to fly on out is what I myself have put the focus there you lose time, and you will become stressed by. Now then day after the flight I still 1 I have dove hope nevertheless that it is still on the door today. And I can be myself and the pigeons start preparing for the next race if the same progression is in weather like last week I can be satisfied. On the 2nd race Asse-Zellik.

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