First training YOUNGSTERS 19 JUNE 2016 ROSMALEN.

The first training of the youngsters from Rosmalen liberated at 11.00 hour. Well I'll start with es , I am young 3 x trained as you may have read on my site. And I also wrote that 3 were perfect africhtingen. Well with this knowledge I am confident 39 Young pigeons basketed pigeons were in good order and the weather forecast was good. Well Boy pigeons were so to 11.00 unloaded the only fear I had was that on this Sunday should still be several flights bygone i.v.m the bad weather Saturday, which is, so many pigeons in the air. Whether that contributed to the progress of the flight, I do not know what I do know is that I for the evening 21.00 all told 13 pigeons had home. Other enthusiasts within and outside our organization, I heard it was all drama and real drama, There were fans who had in the evening 3 of the 50 pigeons home and I heard more of that kind of numbers. As I write this is raining hard it is here pouring from the sky , I had hoped today to definitely 10 pigeons would come after. That did not happen there are 5 honored and I kept stabbing at the paltry number of 18 pigeons. I pity the young pigeons are everywhere still wandering in this terrible weather and somewhere to shelter. Everything that comes after parents today do yourself but wonder if you still can play the youngsters flights. I hope (I begin to hope again) and so I really hope that if young pigeons fanciers fly into this well taken care of and get a chance to have a little bit to move forward, I hope your strength also that pigeons will be reported quickly so that fans have the chance to get their pigeons on go get. And take it from me that there are many fans who have little pigeons back'd go get a dove on. As I write this I know that the button should get back, and the disappointment should not dominate. I 18 pigeons back here I can get to work for the young bird races further I think it's certainly not the worst pigeons come back. If I have understood correctly there is A. S. Saturday another drilling flight from Rosmalen and Wednesday out a regional solution from Tilburg. What are the most important is that the pigeons get rest and proper care to regain strength. I go there a lot to get started because I am convinced that I can make a good result with the youngsters. I wish everyone good luck and strength success and hope that some pigeons return. Because it really is not just bad pigeons do not stay away!!!!!!!!!

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