THIRD WEDVLUCHT Quiévrain 30-04-2016

The winners this week will again congratulations.

The third race was flown from Quievrain. What shall I say from now es , I had expressed the hope for a surprise. hope this is partly true 1st pigeon I clocked up 16.12 2nd there was 16.25 on the 3rd 16.26 . I feel the pigeons were long overdue for a podium, and so it was the 1st pigeon association was clocked at 15.50 This was also the 1st pigeon in the circle and in the region . To my surprise, I was well understood by the outcome of the 17th Association. I was 94th in the circuit 1311 pigeons so 1217 doves behind me. I wanted the result and it worked I was hoping for improvement and it seems that's inside an upward trend. So all in all I'm happy I had the flight day 9 of the 10 pigeons home Sunday morning 9.00 was the 10th again on the valve. So everything back home and we can go back to prepare for the fourth race back from Quievrain. I hope they have learned something and hope again that they are better this flight again concubines. success and all the next flight

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