The natoer flights progressing steadily, I remain very interested in the progress of these flights. Especially because many youngsters are played on these flights. As I mentioned in Part 1 in 2 wrote I am committed to flights commencing with the youngsters in August. The reason for this is, the losses are considerably fewer flights compared to the youngsters that are gone from May. Take now N33 flight this was a weekend where it has only rained. It started with the middle distance race for the youngsters. These were basketed Thursday and released on Friday i.v.m. the predicted bad weather. This flight is otherwise well-expired. The natoer Friday was basketed to be released Saturday. But as already predicted the weather was the spoilsport and the flights were postponed to Sunday or completely delayed in some cases. The pigeons so stayed overnight before, something that is only allowed by the youngsters of the regulations in the 3and flight. For the experienced pigeons will be a night longer in the basket cause few problems. For all the youngsters on the natoer would probably be more difficult. Especially considering the teen tour who have passed the youths. Begun in beer Gehs, then to Duffel and then at the final unloading St. Job in Goor. At this point they have arrived late to wait until the afternoon before they could be unloaded. Of course you're back to wait pinched buttocks on your pigeons. Especially considering the weather and time (15.50 hour) Discharge. But nothing could be true. The flight had despite everything run smoothly and many fans had youngsters ahead. With me in the club, the prices were good 7 minutes lost. So even in difficult circumstances flights are the youngsters on the estate natoer flights home. I do not play the smart aleck, but the numbers simply do not lie. I also sit on me to ask what could be the drawbacks. For example, that the youngsters can fall into moult. I got there at basketing at our club on the light and there are indeed pigeons that have thrown some pins but the majority is still well in the spring. In addition, the birds are much more mature, beautiful full pigeons with gleaming necks which glow with health. Thus, the pigeons looked again for the next flight natoer N34. Many enthusiasts have played all youngsters because there was no young bird race. The weather forecasts were good, dry, sunny temperatures up 30 g and O - SE wind. And it is this wind can sometimes be a killjoy. If the O's in the wind and the sky looks clear blue. It is more difficult for youngsters to orient sight. It was not an easy flight for sure what the future youngsters. With me in the club was in decline 75% home. Most of which was not yet home were indeed later boy, only played on the natoer. The first 10 price pigeons were all youngsters and that was the general picture in the country, exceptions. What was typical for this flight was the news concerning the release. It was indicated that there i.v.m. high inversion certainly could not be redeemed for 9.00 hour. An hour later was stated that the pigeons 8.45 were solved!!. It was undoubtedly responsible for the pigeons 8.45 to solve. It just seems a bit clumsy. Especially when there pigeons remain, the release stated policy in this immediate discussion. I've called back several enthusiasts who still missed quite a few young natoer pigeons stalling. And it said that since the turn still remain pigeons trickle. So even in these difficult natoer flight shows that the losses are significantly less than flee with the youngsters. All the more reason to flee the youngsters to evaporate from August. In the interests of pigeon lovers and not insignificant for the total pigeon. I can not imagine that the NPO board does not take this seriously. We can not get around because the numbers do not lie. What would be the reason to take seriously the figures and the accompanying lovers?

I will say again the next time.

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