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    NOSTALGIE Our company is working on the renovation of an old monumental building in the oldest city in the Netherlands. So it happened that this week the most famous singer of this city ( who is looking for happiness in the Kronenburgerpark and does not think black and white) walked past us and spoke to us. … read more
    My father was a brick factory worker (a brick maker) and many more with him. In the 1930s and 1940s it was a hard and poor existence. The brick factories in the polders were usually located close to a river. The workers often lived right next to or in the vicinity of the various brick factories. It was a … read more
    When we sold our house a few years ago, we temporarily moved to a retirement home, or as they call it here a senior luxury apartment complex. Now these luxury apartments are home to residents who have generally never saved to get money into their bank account, their bank account was at birth… read more

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