Club love

In my Column in “Rail”club about love, I wrote that I was with an older couple for my work to e.e.a. perform to paint n.a.v. a renovation project. Now I received last week a coupon for a repair request at the same address. It was after the renovation was a small leak and I had to repair the walls of the toilet and recoating. It was a small job so I was a poop and fart finished work. Like the last time the woman of the house gave me a cup of coffee. I had not yet Geschaft so that was good and I was able to eat a sandwich. Mother the woman poured a cup of coffee, pulled the coat took the bag and went just like last time again shopping. I sat at the same table in the same place. As I picked up my lunchbox, I shoved the newspaper and some papers on the table were some aside. The old man looked at me and pointed silently to a paper that was on the table. (Minutes of a meeting) Back there he put immediately shore. My son yesterday went to the meeting of the new club. And he continued to me it's a nice club, with fun lovers. When he said that I felt the "but" all aankomen.De top player who had kept his secret transfer long and almost made via a press conference announced his arrival was also, He continued with his story. I asked if he himself had joined the new club of his son. No, I do not start anymore, I help my son a little with the pigeons and Saturday I'm going to waylay. I think that is more than enough. you, he put a little annoyed shore is really unteachable whether it is an egoist. It is believed he continued with lofty voice. He was clearly the top player. The man continued his story, really trying everything to keep playing his own game. I looked at him a bit puzzled. It seems to me I said "that have their own rules and vision of a new club. And that most members do not leave fob off. Furthermore, I think if I hear so, that there is a competent administration that can respond adequately and control. And represents the interests of each member, because everyone pays the same fee. And has the same rights and obligations, and everyone contributes to the welfare of the club. You'd think he said "he simply resumes where it stopped when the club lifted them. He tries everything again put his hand he went on relentlessly. He has given himself some committee within the club. I also heard in the corridors that club members have received several youngsters from him. He tries to win souls, and nodded his head with disapproval. Could it not be that it is all new to him and that he's just insecure person 'I asked'. That's all he said, visibly annoyed game, He plays a game he has always done and will continue to do. How and what to do before it does not matter. All for their own gain and glory, that is his credo. Meanwhile, the woman of the house came back home and had heard her husband. 'Oh,' she said, it's time again, He is making himself busy again the pigeon club. He winked at me and nodded toward his wife. Everyone also has its good sides, they said, he responded compassionately and growled softly that he had not yet found. but, he sighed, it will take my time. I hope that the sport is still a long life. Because how you went at it the sport for me is the best sport there. And as my father ever said "To think of yourself you do not have to be in pairs".

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