drilling TILBURG 28 JUNE 2016

After the 1st drilling which is poor expired (I totally 20 pigeons back) I saw no reason not to join the remaining youngsters on the 2nd drilling from Tilburg. The pigeons looked good and they flew a storm at home. The Sunday before the training I have again taken away the youngsters at an ± 10 km. Monday evening I 19 pigeons basketed, a pigeon I had to leave home because it was injured. Tuesday morning the birds are to 09.30 unloaded from Tilburg, The weather was good so nothing stood in the way to make a good drilling of. Usually you with an hour pigeons so 10.30 pigeons would be covered. I could pigeons themselves are not waiting because I have to work on weekdays. In itself quite annoying because I like myself the pigeons home awaits especially when drilling flights because the chances often somewhat greater that they will wander. Anyway 11.00 called home and asked how many doves there were in the loft, or even flew. We arrived at the paltry number of 6 pigeons which 1 injured which was not easy. So 5 pieces, I crept a strange feeling at that moment. I could not call to go home to inquire because there was nobody home. round 16.30 when I came home from work and there were all told 9 pigeons in the loft. The disappointment was great, I had hoped for a good drilling but none of this. So it was wait and hope for pigeons come home unscathed. Anyway the evening to 21.00 am I 12 pigeons at home so it was hope again the next day. Wednesday 08.00 hours, there was still one returned, at work, I was informed that there are now again 2 landed on the loft, the afternoon to 16.30 hour another one with so it was total had risen to 16 pieces yet 3 to go, also there was a wounded dove in the evening I have to adhere to the vet. The next day I had the evening back to the vet I dove back to the whole head apart , all the drinks and food came out directly. There are now 20 back that 3 wounded pigeons. I have the pigeons first but given a few days of rest , na 2 this was my africhtingen in Goodbye better to give them some rest. After much deliberation, I have decided not to play the youngsters in the 1st race from Yellow I was not good enough to play them and I also did not trust the weather at all. In retrospect, the weather was pretty good, and the flight also went well but I do not regret that I have not played the pigeons. I know now that she upcoming flight not stressed and equipped to start the run and I hope also the best. This week I am busy preparing the youngsters for Duffel, and widowers to-day from Chat Roux . Am confident that it will be fine at all 2 the flights. I wish everyone good luck for the upcoming flights, and next week I will say.

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