drilling ROSMALEN 02-04-2016

We have the first training it down as it looks now, this went not so good to me. I hope that this is a prelude to the racing season. I had 14 cocks, whereof 9 jaarlingen op de lossing dag had ik ‘s avonds 8 pigeons back old and 3 yearlings. It was slow very slow. The pigeons were to 12.15 unloaded in Rosmalen I had been the first pigeon 12.51 maar deze bleef zitten en maakte geen enkele aanstalten om binnen te komen. If 13.02 got I 2 pigeons in quick succession both old birds and 13.09 another old. The dakzitter came 13.22 inwards and that was my first yearling. I have to wait until 15.10 before my 5th dove came the other three followed to 15.58 / 16.42 / 17.55. And that was the total 8 pieces of the home 14 . The pigeons were further good to see could not help it. The day after the release, there are again 2 yearlings back 8.02 in 8.24 giving citizens back a little courage hope some more fulfilling every case. Whatever the reason for the poor development is still a mystery to me 8 pigeons find their way home the same day 2 pigeons next day SO SAY IT BUT. Is it the weather conditions, the pigeons are not trained enough , they fail they have something with something. I can only do my best to get them to start again next week good for 2nd drilling and hope this goes better.

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