drilling REUSEL 09-04-2016

The 2nd drilling unloaded from Reusel is over. Last week there 3 yearlings residual shame because among the yearlings can always sit surprises. Surprised they did me well but in the wrong way, last week 14 racers so this week I could still 11 do in the basket. The pigeons last week had less trained i.v.m bad weather, maar ja daar hebben we allemaal last van zij het wel dat ik alles naar werktijd moet doen en als het dan regent heb je al geen keus meer. anyway yet 3 once trained about half an hour at a time. So Friday I got them all 11 still watched and basketed. The pigeons for the 2nd drilling were discharged from Reusel it was in the morning still a bit chilly and foggy(had some frost). It cleared up quickly and the temperature went down well with the pigeons are released with good weather and good conditions for 11.15 hour . I had thought that around 12.00 hours pigeons could fall and indeed my estimation was good for something 12 there were scattered all birds except myself. The first pigeon fell to 12.18 which of course leaves much to be (luckily it was only one drilling) but it is still 15 up to 20 minutes later the door very late on a drilling of 81 KM . The other birds were dribs and drabs the first 3 were yearlings 4 was an old. if 14.00 had I 7 pigeons in. Creeps me always a feeling of powerlessness , what's been going on they no ill multiforme no quality to all. But in most cases, the light on the operator itself. And so it is with me of course I put then also self-critical, I will have to make sure they come back well at the start and I have another week's time. I started to collect the manure let into this week. This way I get more clarity on the health and might then do something. Continue to observe good pigeons to see if there is anything else than stand. As I write this post, there is still 1 old pigeon come home. And otherwise the next week 10. I had myself suggested something else after 2 flights but it is what it is. Now go to the pigeons they get a bath with the women there hope they do some good. On the 1st race next week.

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