Kind Gluckwinschen for the winner. (is english)

The eighth race would be lost were from St Quentin but because no discharge capabilities was chosen Epehy whatever could not take place . When we decided to move to Quievrain what a good opportunity in itself was but the weather conditions were also unsuccessful . Saturday is therefore not unloaded . Sunday the birds are unloaded in Asse Zellik at that time the most sensible choice. If 14.00 The pigeons were unloaded, I had a dove with the late boy alone I had to trust in confident because this bird always come home and there is little to see is. On Sunday there was nothing in my house while overall the flight was nice expired, especially considering that the pigeons had a whole teen tour. Monday morning 07.15 Dove was on the cover, I was just starting and I immediately grabbed the hen from him and then left the cock so wrong on view inside little to. He was once totally delighted with the hen and did this a few hours left together. When I came home at the end of the afternoon and widowers was let go for training, I saw him sitting in his breeding loft. I took him in hand and then looked under his wing and two injuries to his chest. I had more respect for the will of the late pigeon 2015. Did last week just after the first 1 daagse de duiven laten onderzoeken door dierenarts Wolff. And it noted that there are still some problems with the respiratory system , and he also found it amazing that the birds still came home flight Melun. I have pigeons for 1 day cured against respiratory and hope it is thus resolved. Furthermore, I'm going to try that I upcoming flight (Chateaudun) well can make at the start. It is the second 1 day and I have quite a bit of set my sights. I hope for good weather and a beautiful flight and more on a good result . I have little more than hopeful . And hope for everybody on a beautiful flight. Good luck all!!!!!!

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