9 april 2019

Last Saturday was the training at Tilburg I had total 11 pigeons. My buddy Tonnie had the pigeons basketed at the club. I was for a couple of days fishing in Ireland with a friend of mine. We had saved a number of years to predators abroad, and this year was the day. We have 3 days fishing on beautiful waters in a beautiful setting in a beautiful country. The catches were not very spectacular, but enough to look back with a good feeling on this vacation. Anyway the training flight from Tilburg as I now can see reasonably well, 11 , and 10 back. It's disappointing and it never went as pigeons not coming home but that is inherent in the sport. This week to prepare the birds again for the first sprint race of ± 140 km I try to get to the start as possible and hope for early bird. So I have the real motivation is still missing pigeons are not on widowhood. But the racing season has begun and it still gives always healthy tension and challenge for every flight. I look forward again to stare at the sky the upcoming flight again and see if there is a dot to see who later on will cover countries. Always a goosebumps moment. I wish everyone a very happy flight and good luck. I will say again the next time.

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