7 July 2019

Met 13 youngsters less yesterday I played my first young bird race in the loft. That was the outcome after the training last week. With my pigeons mate Tonnie we have Friday the youngsters have just taken in hand to see if they were quite recovered enough and whether they had enough fat on the bones. We came to 16 youngsters that certainly could bring. the other 4 (ntje meanwhile had kicked the bucket and another is kept out of the loft during exercise around the house.) It can therefore still in. Anyway, I was busy again yesterday in domestic engaged in applying wall insulation plates. So again see very little of the pigeons. I asked my wife if she wanted to keep an eye on, there on she said she could not sail, but they would occasionally be watching effe. My wife has nothing to pigeons , she's fine and fun and a great hobby for me, but it was also. If you ask are all pigeons they will look, moments later she comes back saying that there 5 on the clock. pay attention !!! then my next question what time?. Well I have not looked at. In short, women are funny guys but my father always said,, and I still believe him. As I said yesterday was the pavers busy in and around the house were also. Al met al 2 pigeons on the house to go see it coming home and that was it also. And if everyone loves it starts. then cleaned up and taken away the lot should be made to the container at the work place. The association app follow you a little bit the way things but it also continues to. round 20.00 hours I came to get some food and then take a shower. In between I was walking very quick to the loft to watch the boy sat there and also see if I have some at home from Chateauroux. That was not a success there was nothing inside. A little on the app looked when it was turn and then jumped in the shower. It was around 21.00 hours I was sitting at the coffee, when I was called and asked if I did turn the clock!!!!!!!. Like a rocket to the clubhouse to deliver the clock. It was pretty busy there were 3 flights to repel. With a beer with just wander how the flights operated and waiting for the results. It was a surprising result for me I was 2nd with the youngsters and had 5 awards. This pigeon was 13th in the circle so all in all a nice boost to the misery of the previous week. As I write is still waiting for the hens of Chateauroux do hope that something comes home today. Then I can get back to work with these pigeons to prepare them well for the next flight. I wish everyone a lot of success and I will say again the next time.

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