6 May 2019

For me and my pigeons third vluchtje. The weather was not really to write home about, a bit bleak and occasionally heavy rain. With around ten o'clock even hail and sleet. The pigeons were released to 10.00 hour with NW winds and are between the showers to fly home. What I understood from the stories, the flight went well. I myself have been given little flight, I had a couple visclubje (fishing behind the net) planned an afternoon of fishing in a trout well so I was eleven o'clock all the way to Vortum Mullem, it had to happen. The fishing was good around five o'clock there were 38 trout in the joint net, a nice catch. In the cafeteria there, drank a beer and then back home. My pigeons mate Tonnie had brought the clock to turn in the club and on the way home I got the results constantly through the app. I had 1 dove awards (34)an intermediate low price but good compared to last week, a slight improvement. It was also the 1 drawn hen. So I can be myself again this week at the chest beating what I look like pigeons. Next week it'll be very different. I had 7 hens with, I had Saturday 6 home and 1 is left behind. I have hens last week linked completed the cocks with breeding cocks. I can only play with the hens this year, because I have 2 cocks are no longer can they come flying in the breeding loft fly but there is no more. So gradually the game is on the car and I still hope to participate a little bit. I do not have very high expectations but there is always hope. Next week, the first middle distance race, I hope that the hens have laid so I can play them. We await!!!!! I will say again the next time.

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