31 July 2017

Today is the last day of July , time flies past us at high speed. I was me wondering this past weekend how are the plans for the sport plan 2021 I'll call it even. We are now obviously in the middle of the racing season so it will be anything standing on the back burner when planners. I do ask myself course on where we go with the sport, associations are getting smaller by the falling memberships. And let's even stay with the association because that it all begins. You become more and more interdependent within the club because you often painfully enough members when you get together to baskets allowed into your own club. There will have to change in the sport to keep it fun for everyone. But there is also the problem as I see it despite all the reports about the sport and how dire the situation is also, there is still retained the old traditions and customs. It is strange to see that the status quo remains sticking to the familiar, and go right on with that because they are there for years their successes have earned it. It finally just Kamikaze pilots who knowingly flown death ,but so have faith in their game that they did not want to depart from or to. I sketch it's a bit morbid, but if it looks a little out. Take for example, now there is someone sign up for membership of a pigeon club , can you say as a society wishing we did not have to because we “have heard” that he or she has not a good reputation . I think we as pigeon loving Netherlands no longer in the position to keep new members on any ground. Certainly if a club can help enough inkorvende members and so forth back at least a year can. Sometimes it seems that everything has to be protected and that can bring new members to breach the privileges acquired. I fear that as long as we are not aware of when we want something changed , you should start with yourself. And we really need to get rid of “it'll take our time mentality”. See you in my word lies with the major players and champions and who would take the lead and the sport would put it in general in the first place instead of championship, since the duivelary would really benefit from this. Because these people have set an example but not often give a good example, and personal gain is often more important and whether it is a championship or commercial activities. That said I want to come back to the flight last weekend . As I wrote in the beginning that time flies , I would have liked the birds last weekend had done well. Na 2 nice flights this was another one somewhere behind you write down in a notebook and read never return. The first pigeon in our club was there for a few minutes 10. I got to 11 over 10 three birds at once and with half an hour everything was within . This time I was not even on the association result and in the circle I was 215th 216th 217th and so it was three times nothing. Too bad on the next flight. We start this week with the training races for the late tour. And as soon as the late tour enters the end of the pigeon season in sight. And then I come back to my first line “time flies” and as my mother often they “Time always passes through , there you have to do nothing for” I wish everyone a great week and some nice flights. I will say again the next time.

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