31 december 2016

We're on the last day of the old year, rather, as I write this we are still 4 hours away from the New Year. On New Year's Eve and night I think about what it all last year in review has been passed, cute and unpleasant events the successes and disappointments. The beauty is that you generally can better remember and quickly bring to mind the fun stuff and successes. And while these thoughts I hear popping fireworks already so a bit throughout the day and during the banging, I think back to the time when I myself was a menneke of years 8 a 9. The days after Christmas there was Eve spoken, my father went out again baking the donuts and apple fritters with all the risks of such. My father baked donuts with liquid oil in a pan on an old stove which was put down under a shed in the barn. It was an event every year to honor my father had the whole thing to work properly . The mix was a day before, made the old fashioned way because my mother always took a piece of baker's yeast by oliebollenmix, because they were delicious airy. At the time the mix was carried out, I saw my mother terrified watching the pan with hot oil and they all breathed a sigh of relief as the deal was not yet on fire. My father was n.l. already worked a few years in a row in order before even one donut fried was the lot was already on fire. This time would and should go well and indeed it did not work again. Just when my father dropped the first spoon the batter donuts into the hot oil ,shot the gas hose from the burner and yes the whole thing again in flames. Quickly things had to be repaired so that my father could continue his mission. Within my mother stood behind the stove where she was preparing to take to make the tastiest appetizers for New Year's Eve. meatballs with a slice of pickle or pieces of fresh sausage with a amsterdams getaway. she was also the eggs cooking for later with a special homemade spice mixed with the egg yolk and mayonnaise, in order to make filled eggs of. Delicious snacks were it , They were put on a scale and put in the basement so she had cooled the evening to be consumed with drinks. I still see it for me, a wonderful memory that I will always be a bit of melancholy. Furthermore, we also had this evening fireworks , I would like to see and I necessarily wanted to stay up 12.00 hour to contemplate all that banging and flashing lights. And of course I was also, for me it was great opblijf evening and would go all experience. But usually after a glass of Joy Sinas and a few donuts and snacks are my eyes did not remember , and I was woken up at midnight to watch the fireworks with a sleeping face. I think there is a good feeling to be back and have experienced the same with our daughters when they were that age. Tonight we sit with friends and eat again, donuts and snacks and will certainly be cozy. Well, and what will happen to the sport , we get new circuit layouts , new flight programs, one umbrella organization which will bring uniformity in the pigeon, as is also the case with the football , volley-ball, hockey and gymnastics federations. Uniformity so it apply to everyone who operates the sport the same rules. Let's hope so and continue to believe in a good outcome. I go all the drivers wish a lot of wisdom and of course as I wish everyone a very happy new year and good health and rich fly 2017. And as my mother often said “You should only stop living when you're dead” the next week I will again say.

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