3 september 2019

The racing season is almost at, Here and there some cake flights and so we end an eventful racing season again. With highs and lows. The important thing is that we have again become wiser about our pigeons. Where better pigeons come from and what birds you have surprised. It's a prelude to next season, because as soon as it goes into the sport. The flights have become in recent stocktaking, will be selected to appear at the starting line as good as possible next year. The question posed by many fans is of course the flight program. There is much to do in recent years been. But what is wisdom.? The biggest problem in my view lies flights to the youngsters. As a saying goes without youth no future. In recent years, the losses among the youngsters have only increased and nobody could or could really put their finger. The remedy has been for many enthusiasts to flee the youngsters on the natoer to play with and generally with great success. The losses were and are significantly less ( exceptions). Hence my belief and argument to evaporate flights youngsters from August. The track has already launched a renewed flight program proposal. For me a very acceptable proposal. By finishing the discipline flights between space for a weekend. Whatever was in the proposal, to dissipate the youngsters from early August. I think it's worth more as well that the NPO and all control this proposal will seriously check. This week a survey Phantom Der Champions attached where you can specify your preferences in terms of flight program. I'm hoping for a massive participation so we upcoming season with all the innovations in the flight program and the sport can build a positive stroke. With fewer losses and thus more fun in the sport, all disciplines. For me it's been a nice year in terms of achievement. The old birds occasional small price. In contrast, went with the youngsters a lot better. The association nominated 2nd and 3rd also designated the 2nd / 9th and 10th best pigeon in the middle distance JD. In Circuit onaangwezen 3rd and 5th nominated and 4th best ace all the JD Middle Distance. On Sens still a 1st in the association and the circuit. On Melun 2nd in the association and in the circle. I am with 37 youngsters play and finished with 18 youngsters. During the training flights 18 youngsters lost. so with 19 pigeons started the 2nd young bird race.(the first flight pass up i.v.m. coli) A total of slightly more than half lost. I hope that the NPO will be open to the fans and their proposals and ideas. I will say again the next time.

The heavy natoer flight N34 had with several fans after the turn of the clock still reasonable pigeons come home. In the days after the breakaway there are many pigeons many fans honored. Flight N35 had the same release point as N34. So had many lovers chose not to play all or part of the pigeons pigeons on N35. Especially considering the heavy flight of the previous week. So that explains in part why there were significantly fewer N35 birds competing.


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