29 October 2017

The clock is put back, attend it again before the morning light . If the clock is done I get the feeling that we really go winter. That is also true, over 5 weeks Sinterklaas is back in the country and he rushes back over roofs with or without blame game. one of 7 weeks bowl Santa Claus with his reindeer and sleigh again fall out of nowhere from the air. And then back down a week after Christmas we got old and new to celebrate. How fast can it go I ask myself regularly, or I walk now rapidly getting ahead ?. About daylight saving was around 1700 by scholars thought about . They examined how they could make more use of daylight, and could be worked longer. They also examined more or less daylight had an impact on the constitution of man. Only hundreds of years later 1977 they entered the summer and winter in Europe. This they have done mainly because they thought they could cut down on the energy with DST. However, but the energy saving effect of DST is controversial. Especially for horticulture and animal husbandry, everything remains the same plants and cows can not watch clock , So for the grower and the farmer this means that they an hour later or earlier should. And this category of companies use a lot of energy continue summer and winter. We also see it reflected in the sport the extra lighting and dimming. It enlighten the winter breeding and lengthen the summer to hold longer pins. Dimming has the same effect only other. Soon, those who get to do again with the winter breeding enlighten, this to get the birds breeding again ready. When winter youngsters are mature enough to be transferred to the young pigeon loft they go straight into the embezzlement. This eclipse usually takes the longest day. The eclipse is then removed and the pigeons will be again lightened up sávond eleven. And all this to the pigeons on the wrong track in terms of seasons so they longer hold the pins and moult so artificially postponed. So light and dark have a significant impact in and on our lives and we make all use or abuse of just how true. Light and dark in everything come back into our lives . My mother said, still sometimes “it can never be as dark or the weather light” and so it is also my father said, still sometimes “people do in the dark usually something that can not bear the light”and there being said back then that they must be blind. I will say again the next time.

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