29 January 2018

We are still house hunting, I've watched 2oo houses in recent months, some you know immediately that it is nothing other house is good but nothing place or vice versa. It remains a very searching, My wife has a lot of time spent behind the laptop to look funda. In the present time, everything in the house selling sites, Photos from top to bottom from the inside out, energy, streetvieuw, All statistics are there. How many inhabitants, men and women and children separately, many shops, The distance to doctor,dentist, physio, sports name it. But despite all this information you should start looking anyway always. My wife is looking for homes and submit them to me, we look at it together and look a few houses from where we want to see. If the appointment is made, we set off. In 7 of the 10 cases the houses differently than you had imagined, the rooms are often smaller and the level of finish is not what you want. The respective estate agent says that you do have to look through it and you will soon have yet to master the house. It is mainly due to the photos made of the property and sales sites are placed in the house to sell. This put you completely on the wrong track, the rooms on the pictures seem much bigger and you find yourself in a ballroom if you look at the living room of a terraced house. So it is with all areas, The kitchen seems to be as big as a barracks, the bedrooms can be minimal 6 Beds drop. In the pictures of the toilet you wonder why they have only one toilet put down in this area there had easy 5 can stand there and a few urinals. The bathroom looks like a steam room, sauna and swimming pool. In short, the expectations raised by the photographs are far from reality and provide in most cases for a disappointment. So you see, pictures can give a wrong picture and worse sense of the spaces, although the dimensions of all areas listed in the plan drawings leave yourself still be fooled by the photos. If you like we're already busy searching and seeing houses, imagine you insist that the property will be in space very different if you have proposed. In some cases it is, and then you notice that too as a home your interest immediately. So we have also had a few times and now it seems that we our (dream) found property. It's a good house in a good place with a nice piece of land there where I (not totally unimportant) can put a pigeon loft. Now I have decided for myself to my own pigeon loft running and selling sputniks. Later I would like in the new location to make a new start. And not to lose too much time, I would try this year to fly with the youngsters from the new location, so next year I have a couple of yearlings to fly. It will be busy times but you have to remember to make sure there is time for relaxation. And as my mother ever said a “The bow can not always be tense, otherwise it becomes limp elastiekske” I will say again the next time.


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