Today 29-03-2016 the youngsters vaccinated against paramixo they are now 5 weeks old. This is the first time I've let the youngsters as young grafting, this I have also done because it was written in several pigeon magazines that the younger the birds are less susceptible to stress how they are. I spoke to a Belgian enthusiast where I bought a hen in and told me that he did this for years and that he has since virtually no coli had more among youngsters. Similarly, my pigeons Tonnie buddy who also alerted me that he had read it in various pigeon magazines. As a pigeon fancier you always looking for something where we by diseases and the like. our loft to counteract especially among the youngsters keep healthy seems gradually the most important part. We try to give our pigeons as little stress as possible and we are so busy that not the birds but we ourselves fall into the stress. I personally find the youngsters flee one of the most beautiful flight with the one-day. And wants the young also play as much as possible in the designated flights, because that mine is the basis of goodbye to gain sufficient experience and create a good development. More and more fans play the boy on the late tour( because they would have fewer losses) I think myself as one of the youngsters will only play on the late tour which they have gained less experience. Where she was a yearling yet behind it(exceptions). So hence my choice for the youngsters on the youngsters flights. And then I hope that the losses will again be less this year than last year.

It's been a while since I've updated my site and have set novelties. The reason for this is the work within my company . In addition, work on the Knec as committee member, more from this year's member of board of the region south 4 Dept. 8 Incidentally I also do not spend a lot of time. What course continues the birds and everything around it like growing the breeders (6 couples) 1st round had some bad luck 2 cocks in the wrong broedbak flown so total 7 pretty boy held over. When the pilots against it went very well with the 14 couples fertilized everything 1 egg did not materialize for a total of 27 boy. The boy racers I like myself 11 . 5 boy go to Martijn Bakker a new member in our association . And further 5 boy to another member in our association. 6 youngsters go to my pigeons mate Tonnie Schmitjes as all youngsters are again under the tiles and I hope they will fly well.

Below are pictures of the DORUS 08-1247053 and BIG MAMA 10-1408561 These are a couple of top pigeons H.Schmitjes from Millingen a / d Rijn Henk has been flying for years at the top with the Circuit Nijmegen but also regionally and Section 8 Henk is found in the highest echelons. In short Henk is a small enthusiast who knows to get the best performance out of his pigeons this is reflected in the (head) prices that have flown these toppers.


07-NL10-1408561-V-to-eye 08-NL08-1247053-M-to-eye

The picture below is a late youngster 2014 from the link above DORUS X BIG MAMA is a beautiful dove in hand and personally selected by the master himself. I am therefore very pleased that I was able to obtain this pigeon breeding loft for the future will tell if this bird has the genes and more importantly can pass on to posterity. I will keep you informed of the results.

This year, the first boy of this pigeon is a large deep strong pigeon I have 077 “henkie” coupled with a hen crossing Mieke (Gaston of Wouwer) x Celine (Eijerkamp) . I 4 beautiful boy from this link and hope they also go well with flying future will tell.


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