26 May 2019

With all good intentions to play the hens in the one-day, it was a bit different. A buddy of mine is a driver and had his first ride on Monday to Den Bosch. I thought a nice drilling. So we did the pigeons in the basket and (think should) put down. He would take them and in good weather near Den Bosch releasing doves. I got a appje that he 6 hens to 07.40 had unleashed. I am to 08.30 went to work, the door was open and I had turned the clock so they could walk inside. If 10.00 call to go home and asked my wife if she wanted to look at the clock. There is still nothing on she said, and then you get a bit of a weird feeling . Den Bosch 45 km and then after flying thick 2 h no pigeon home. When I 16.30 came home they were all 6 inside so I had again made me worry about nothing. But how different was the Wednesday I was 10 km from home to work and thought they could do a lapvluchtje that distance. I have the 6 hens and taken to 9.00 released hours. If 10.00 am still called to go home assuming they all 6 fresh and fruity would sit in the loft. not so !!!!!!. This is usually not a good sign. And so it was I came to 16.00 home and the first straight to the loft I looked inside and there was 1 hen with a large wound in the neck on the shelf. That was not quite sign when I looked at were the roof of our house and there, 4 hens a little nervous look around. Anyway to cut a long story, if 21.00 hour I had them with a mountain of stress within. The balance sheet laying out 1 dove wounded 1, dove away, in 4 doves padje. A corollary is that your pigeons the next day unable to baskets for the 1st-day flight. So then but decided to play the pigeons on the Vitesse I still 5 which I 4 can play (1 injured) No sooner said than done 4 hen I putted Friday with the hope that they could get a little Saturday decent home. And was happy that so. The first hen I clocked at 11.15.58 and the second 11.17.35 both good for the other tail low price 2 arrived half an hour later. so all 4 home where I was happy and I can embroider it again by the following flights. Now just about the youngsters. In a few weeks the youngsters have to be ready to go so there is a lot of work to do with training flights, tame, take good care, try to avoid stress. Overall busy times. I wish everyone a lot of success for the following flights. I will say again the next time.

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