26 July 2017

Today I went to a funeral service was a farewell service of my mentor and advisor but most of all a very kind and good man. He had the respectable age of 83 year , For an outsider but a good age for family ,friends a very great loss. The bond that we have originated in 1995. He worked as a consultant for a housing association and he guided a major renovation of some wonderful buildings, where we had the windows and paintwork of commissioned. Our first meeting was not the most pleasant, we were the walls to paint, and he walked with a green jacket against it and the jacket was covered in paint stains. He came to me and asked me why I had not hung signs that everything was wet . And he asked if he could claim the damage to the jacket at me. I said no problem, I'll buy a new rain suit for you. I said this not knowing it was a coat of fl 500,00 guilder. He looked at me and got a smile on his face and asked me to come over sometime in the office with him. I got a card with his phone number and I called for an appointment. Meanwhile I had reported the loss of the jacket by our insurance. I thought I would be well prepared when I go visit him. Anyway to cut a long story , I visited him on the jacket is only briefly discussed. From that one encounter there are many followed. Ten days ago I was with him , I had taken a bottle of white wine. He said I should not drink now i.v.m the drugs but we drink it sometime at a better time together. Unfortunately, that other time not come anymore because today was his funeral. It was a beautiful and dignified farewell to a dignified and beautiful person. And then also briefly on flights last weekend we had two ,Chat Roux and a one-day Isnes for youngsters. On the one day it was like the whole year already a resounding success. I got 14.29 The first dove and 14.44. I had three at home. An hour later I say to participate more seriously. As for the youngsters flights was slightly better I was 2nd enthusiast in association with a 9th place 11th in the circle and 33 in the dept. So all in all considered satisfactory. I had 12 youngsters with whom 3 awards. I turned again lead the same pigeon as 1st flight (of 266) . This pigeon I clocked up 11.11.50 on 11.19 2nd pigeon and 11.24 3rd pigeon. The entry still remains a thing, they still scare the slightest so I forfeit still some time . It was already better than the 1st flight so we gradually there is improvement. I think this has to do with the length of flights , they do not come with three or four at a time flying, and are therefore more likely to land on the cover. After two races I'll do it nice ,but there are still 5 go and can happen a lot. So I hope a few good results. I was two weeks in a row 2nd fan in the club and as my father often said “The second place is the first place for the loser” I wish you again a few nice flight to next week and the next time I will again say.

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