26 January 2017

It remains frozen for a few days and then the temperature will rise again as the weather scholars. For the skate enthusiast this is a minor and Elfstedentocht message seems further away than ever. The famous words spoken by the last Elfstedentocht “It Git Oan” will temporarily have not spoken. The skating season will also play again this year on flooded fields, parking and everything lends itself to make a skate from job. Mountains volunteers who have worked in recent weeks to ensure winter scenes and skating fun, maybe this ice masters are called the founders of the future successors to Sven Kramer and Irene Wüst. I can only muster a lot of respect for these people who lay a wilderness heart and soul and then be full of emotion for a camera crew and tell their story about the ice rink which they have built. How would it fare with the sport we will ever see a person full of emotion for a camera stand that says that the membership is on the rise and that the sport again is on the rise and that the renewal and modernization which have been implemented has caused the pigeon remains affordable , has become more family-friendly and that the sport has even become an Olympic sport. That each country 10 pigeons may use the best 10 lovers, how nice would that be!!!!!. How nice would it be if the great man of the NPO will be invited to a talk show and explain how to 10 years ago the sport was dying after death and after we sail went slowly forward an innovative and modern course. And further says that in the first few years of the innovations (leek) it would cost a lot of members, but along the path of renewal and modernization many fans saw that it was certainly worth it not to throw in the towel. And then the interviewer says even he knows the sport a bit of old , the neighbor of his had namely pigeons. He knows still remember that on the day of arrival, there was not as hung to dry on the line, there could not be played , not even whispered talk, all in a radius of five kilometers. It is tasty laughed at his story and then the big man of the NPO says that this is all in the past and that the sport is now in a very different modern way polite and that modernization and innovations have contributed to the increased current membership is to almost fifty thousand, and that the end is not yet in sight. I think this should not be utopia!!! “Where there is a will there is a way” said my mother often. And as I said, “I can not do it” she said, then grab the bucket but. Where she wanted it so much to say that there are always opportunities. Last week I made one of my pens Hand, but more next time about. Until next week, I'll say.

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