26 december 2017

we write 26 December Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day!!. Christmas Day I will always a special day, truly a day for friends and family. Cooking together a nightcap drink cozy table for dinner. We have to last for 2 year always celebrated Christmas with our family, but since friends have entered you must share your children with Christmas. The ones day they are the parents and the other day at our home. We have two daughters, The oldest works in health care and the youngest hairdresser. For both professions is that its December is a very busy month, so it's quite a feat to be able to sit at the table with the whole family on the same day with the holidays . Our oldest daughter works in a care center in a department with demented elderly, and she does it with a lot of responsibility. When I asked if she was home for Christmas she said, Boxing Day I worked for five hours and then I want to eat good home. Yesterday when I went to get them around eleven o'clock from her late shift, I told them we had a nice Christmas, her sister was with her boyfriend at us enjoyed breakfast and then go to the in-laws for Christmas dinner. I said it's always more fun when everybody is home for Christmas. Yes that's she said, but these people (that she meant the people in the department where she works) hey also have Christmas porridge. And then she told me she was playing Christmas carols and songs that many people could all sing. Really she said , they know their husband and children, but not the carols they all still know. For many residents was visiting family and could then together with their loved ones enjoying Christmas dinner. It is a very special day for the family she told, like a demented man with his wife and children sing carols, you see the happiness on everyone's face and it is forgotten that it is forgotten. I was so proud as our eldest daughter and the work they do really admirable. Our youngest daughter is in hairdressing and made the week leading up to the Christmas long days. Of s' nine in the morning till evening entertainment nine she has a stroke in the round cut, tinted,crops, blow-dried to show off all the customers there at its best at Christmas dinner. Now she had some problems with her shoulders, and there it went to the doctor and it turns out she has bursitis in both her shoulders. The last days before Christmas she had suffered from her shoulders as she's "home at night, the tubers were therefore entirely on. I then asked her if she could take it easy, a little annoyed she replied that it really was not going to take it easy in a crowded salon. Especially for colleagues who themselves were also the benefit felling. Our youngest daughter made the best sales in the month of December and the tips significantly padded with its customers. For the Christmas season, she also cut and colored and brought me the clippers over it with her mother, because she said you should also clean concubines 2nd Day at Christmas dinner. Even our youngest daughter I'm worst complication proud of how she is in life and dealing with people. So it's Boxing Day today , our oldest daughter I get up at five of her work and our youngest daughter is around this time also with us. I look forward to being together as a family on Christmas meal, it is still very feeling that Christmas feeling. Well and then another piece of the duivelary, I have this week to give the pens a thorough cleaning. In the moulting period let the lofts as intact as possible. It has little sense for me to sit in the loft every day. But now the pigeons through the moult is time to get out the grids and to clean everything(is belgian). I'm also starting to organize the cultivation trays mid-January so everything is ready to connect. But I have seen that there is some old down at some pigeons, so I will sometime have to throw a ruimiddeltje in battle. Furthermore, the pigeons are good at, I'm going to soon give another bath. They are always delicious and I also think it's good for the pigeons, and if they like to go in bath is also a sign that they are healthy. Now I wish everyone a nice Boxing Day, us will certainly succeed. And as my mother ever said “enjoy yourself has never been one unpleasant death” I will say again the next time.

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