25 March 2019

Last week we read the clocks in the club and attached rings. I bought a new clock, another system. I had Unikon and switched to Benzing. It is smoothing used to but have great confidence in the new system. I enjoyed using the old system but also sometimes annoyance. I had 12 antennas distributed among two fly flaps, by these antennas are all connected to each other by means of (12)plugs and the risk of interference is slightly larger. Especially when the system is built up regularly and is degraded. The plugs are sensitive and take the risk of failure as the system gets older to. Last year I also had some time and trouble on the flight day and that's something you do not want. The stress that the system is not working right before the pigeons have come home is annoying. Morning when connecting did everything it, I had the test card numbered antennas and everything worked. Also on the clock gave 12 antennas, but that does not say anything, I understood later. Anyway so I decided to sell my old system and buy a new system. A pigeon friend pointed out to me that Benzing had a system with small and large antennas, the size of the landing board determines the size of the antennas. On my hatchways applied a 12 field antenna. The big advantage I find this is that you only 2 connectors used to connect to the system and therefore the potential for interference is smaller. so the pigeons are in the bell rings linked we are technically ready for the new racing season. The upcoming weeks still some work to do, the old still need to be trained. They are all yearlings so that should the game still and little learning. I have expectations therefore not be so high, I hope the old to make a little fun along with occasional uitschietertje the middle distance or middle distance. Hopefully the weather is a little with the upcoming time for everyone finer. I will say again the next time.

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