24 February 2019

Today the youngsters for the first time outside. I have around 9.00 hour put Sputnik. I was a little apprehensive because some youngsters sitting at which a week earlier had gekunnen out. The danger is that they are too quick. They can just anywhere scare and then you immediately from. I go to work all day and not been home whatever is best in my case with youngsters. When I round 16.00 came home, there were still 3 pigeons outside on the roof with neighbors, and in the Sputnik I noticed there are a few. I had a van run stand, I am so rattled walked with voerbus direction loft. I have some food thrown at the door for those who were still outside. When I was young in the loft, I saw that all the pigeons were in and around the loft. I'm the first few times so far satisfied is always exciting to release the youngsters. Where I'm hesitant a bit is that I'm still brooding and so soon going to put the youngsters in the 2nd round with the pigeons of the 1st round. the difference in age and experience, I often find too much so that the young of the 2nd round little overconfident going to do, and you can quickly from. I now choose to 2nd round what used to drop so they do not fly with immediately but first get used to the aviary and sputnik to then begin the great adventure. Hopefully it works this way. The racing season is rapidly approaching so now the concern is to get things back on track. And as my mother ever said “All beginnings are difficult in the beginning, but the beginning is later note” I will say again the next time.

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